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Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan Kingdom blessed by Guru Gorakshanath. It is the origin place of The Vedic Sanatan Dharma (root of all the religions), birthplace of Veda Vyasa who wrote the 4 Vedas; father of all the literature and scientific discoveries, source of holy river Ganga, the land of Devas, saints and sages. Therefore, it is a matter of pride for yoga lovers to practice yoga and meditation in the pious land where Vedas, Tantra, Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda, Vastu-shastra (fengsui) started. Long later, Hindus of India learned our Vedic culture and spread yoga and meditation in the western world. It would be unfair not to thank those dedicated Indian Yogis who came to the original Rishikesh (Ruru Kshetra of Palpa-Nepal) and received immense spiritual vibration, enough to spread the noble message to the entire world.

Everybody in this world is craving for happiness and peace but these are out of reach. Disconnection with the Almighty Creator, living against the law of nature and lack of knowledge about the self are the main cause of all the sufferings. Knowledge is light that can efface fear, ego, lust and anger. Everyone knows that “Health is Happiness” but very few know that healthy mind, body and soul (the three entities) is sine-qua-non for happiness and peace. Yoga and meditation balances spiritual life and material life, gives positive thoughts and contentment. It purifies body, mind and soul. After these 3 realisations, people obtain the key of happiness and peace. A well civilized society should be seen to care, share and grow together with love and light.

After a long wrestle, mother-nature taught Yogi Panchavedi the secret of bliss and beauty. He completed 999 days deep Yoga and Meditation on Nagpanchami and started Tushita-Nepal yoga retreats resort amidst the nature for the noble cause of helping people to realise these 3 important aspects. Tushita means heaven in ancient Nepali language. As the name suggests, Tushita – Nepal is amidst the nature; magnificent Himalayas just in front, emerald blue lake, lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. Spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. And, you realize yes! Tushita – Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul.

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The below excerpt is somewhat amazing interview taken with Yogi Panchavedi, spiritual master of Tushita-Nepal.


What is yoga and where did it start?

First of all, people should know that yoga is a pure Sanskrit/Nepali word meaning ‘to add’. Till today the word yoga is used in mathematical term for addition in schools of Nepal. So, it clearly says ‘yoga’ is to add our subtle soul with the supreme soul. The pious land of Nepal is the origin place of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation. It is believed that Yoga was in practice 28,000 yrs ago in Nepal. Long later, Hindus of India started to come to the Original Rishikesh – the Ruru Kshetra of Nepal in order to learn Vedic culture and practiced yoga. We need to thank the Indian yogis who spread yoga and meditation to the outer world for this noble cause.

Who created Yoga-Meditation and what is it for?

Guru Gorakshanath taught Hatha Yoga to human beings for the first time in order to be connected with the Almighty Creator and live a well disciplined, happy, healthy and peaceful life. It is the only key for happiness and peace. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga purifies our body, mind and soul, gives positive thoughts that drives us to right actions and bears good results. Definitely, good results give satisfaction/contentment, and pure consciousness grows naturally. Eventually, self-realization gives happiness and peace in life.

What are the limbs of Yoga?

There are 8 limbs of yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi as taught in Goraksha-Samhita. It cannot be called ‘yoga’ if all the eight limbs are not followed. Westerners’ yoga is no more than a physical exercise. Only closing eyes and stretching body parts do not make you a Yogi. Otherwise, acrobats, athlete, swimmers, football players would be a yogi as they are very physically fit. But, it is not so. People should be aware that we are not only in the body form but mind and soul too. Therefore, yoga is more to focus on purifying our body, mind and soul.

What sort of yoga is taught at Tushita-Nepal?

First of all, I would like to say that yoga is just Yoga like we call water for the water. It must not be called with other adjectives otherwise, it sounds like saying Nepali water or British water or American water. I have heard hundred of yoga styles. They must not put adjectives before yoga and pollute its beauty and essence. People must know that Hatha Yoga is the father of all the yoga styles. If they inhale-exhale from other holes than it can be named with different names but if they do pranayamas through nostrils stimulating Pingala (Ha) and Ida (Tha) nadis, then it is Hatha Yoga-pranayama that uprises Susumna nadi through our body chakras.

Whom shall we call a yogi?

Modern people have the wrong notion that long bearded man with ashes on the forehead or who knows a few magic tricks and shows difficult physical poses is yogi. Not at all! A person who is directly connected with the Almighty creator – who has overcome ego, lust, greed and anger is a true yogi. He lives in present and for the happiness of a greater number of people. He is a Yogi who helps to discover self, kindle inner light and be a bridge to reach a destination.

How to purify our mind and soul then?

Starting a vegan life is the first step to purify our body and mind because it prepares a nice environment in metabolic process to enhance our inner qualities: Tama, Sata and Raja. Once our body is purified, we start to think positively and act with utmost sincerity. On the other hand, vegetarian life-style reduces ego, lust, greed and anger. Consequently, freshness and right action generates naturally which eventually leads to contentment and pure consciousness.

We are but the divine light of three colour: blue, red and ivory white. We entered into our mother’s womb through father’s sperm but in light form. Only then, our corporeal body starts growing with the help of air force and energy force. Before that, we are just a pure light of three colours and the divine world is our destination after performing our duties.

We must thank the God for bestowing a beautiful life, perform regular Pooja (worshipping) burning an oil lamp – incense and uttering holy mantras. This action purifies our soul. At the same time, we must not forget to please/help our ancestors who move within 96 km of our earth atmosphere. Offering pure water, incense, fruits can be of great help for them to get rid of suffering in the world and they bless us. Nepali saying goes “Daivale Dine Pitrile Harne” meaning our ancestors can take our blessing received from God as they are unseen spirit too. Therefore, it is our duty to help and please them: at the end that purifies our soul.

Yogi Panchavedi, could you let us know why people are unhappy?

Firstly, people are unhappy because they are disconnected with the Almighty father Guru Gorakshanath (the divine light-nimbus hollow as seen at the background of Bishnu, Krishna, Buddha or Jesus). Next, they are unhappy because they don’t follow the teaching as in Vedas, they don’t have balance in material life and spiritual life, they don’t flow with the law of nature and not knowing who they are and the purpose of life makes them live in turmoil. Moreover, modern unhealthy life-style, collection of useless materials, restlessness, ambition for money and power, complaining, losing tolerance and patience are the superficial cause of unhappiness. They want to be happy but fear, ego, lust, greed and anger pulls back. I urge people to stride another step [Peace] from happiness because happiness is the state of satisfaction when you have achieved a desired thing. You lose happiness when you don’t have again. But Peace is the complete stage of contentment without bothering whether you have or don’t have. Therefore, our aim must be in attaining peace. Unless people purify their ‘self’ and know who they are…peace in life is not possible.

Then, who are we and what is the goal of life?

Of course, father and mother gave birth to us but they are no more than a vehicle. If they had given birth to us, they could have begotten the child they wanted. But, indeed, they did not give birth to us. They followed the law of nature – nurtured for 9 months in her womb that had entered through our father’s sperm – became a medium to bring us on earth. That is all. If we think deeply, we are the beautiful creation of God and we are on earth for a certain purpose. It has been clearly recited “Dharmartha Kaama Mokshanama Sariram Sadhanam Yata” meaning our body is to perform duties/responsibility with utmost sincerity and attain salvation. No any creatures can attain Mokhsa (salvation), they need to be born as humans and our body is to practice for that purpose.


Yogi Panchavedi is living at Tushita Nepal Retreat Resort.