Blossom and Bubbles Anime Powerpuff Girls Theme Song and Gifts

Powerpuff Girls – Anime Super Heros

The PowerPuff Girls are Girl Super Heroes that Kids Love to Watch

Looking very much like the anime powerpuff girls that they are, this American animated cartoon series has all the
elements of the widely popular Japanese animated cartoons.

The three girls were born with superpowers and have dedicated their lives to fight the forces of evil.

Originally titled “The Whoopass girls” and developed by CalArt student Craig McCracken in 1992 for inclusion
in a short film, the idea was picked up by Hanna-Barbera and originally aired in the UK before becoming popular in
the United States–after a name change.

While “guest” powerpuff girls come and go, the cast members are made up of three distinctive personalities.
Blossom, voiced by Cathy Cavadini, has red hair and pink eyes, dresses in pink, and is the unofficial leader, according
to the powerpuff girl’s theme song. She has a super special power, called ice breath.

Bubbles (Tara Strong) is blonde with blue eyes and dresses in the blue outfit. She can speak every language imaginable,
from human (Spanish, German) to all animal languages. And then there’s Buttercup, who, played by E.G. Daily, has
black hair and green eyes, dresses in green, and can roll her tongue. Powerpuff girls Blossom and Bubbles can not
roll their tongues, nor can anyone else in the town.

The powerpuff girls live in Townsville, USA, and were accidentally created by Professor Utonium when his monkey
assistant Jojo knocked a vial of Chemical X into a vat where he was attempting to make the perfect little girls using
sugar and spice and everything nice. He is their mentor and their friend.

Powerpuff girls are quite popular with little girls everywhere, and despite being taken off the air for a short
time, their toys and jewelry have continued to be popular gifts for the little ones. The anime powerpuff girls are
here to stay.

Powerpuff Girls! Saving the world before bedtime! Their DVD’s make super gifts and are very popular with kids, and
adults too.

The PowerPuff girls also offer a line of personal accessories if you are looking for a popular girl’s gift.

PowerPuff Girls Hair Dryer in Mini Backpack


  • 1200-watt hair dryer that fits in small hands
  • A low setting provides reduced airflow and also mild heat
  • Also a higher setting with stronger and hotter airflow
  • Comes with a mini brush and two hair clips
  • Mini backpack is clear and has silver trim

Girls PP8HD 1200-Watt Hair Dryer in Mini Backpack

Powerpuff Girls Hair Crimper Set


  • A cool heated tool for hair styling creates fun designs in hair
  • Crimping plates that makes wavy hair
  • Plates with patterns that create designs in the hair: heart, star, and flower

Girls Hair Crimper Set

The Powerpuff Girls: The City of Soundsville

powerpuff girls by various artistsListen
to Samples Online

Soundsville boils down to a bunch of loops, blips, and beats with quacky cartoon life breathed into them, but it’s
brilliant – a real bounds-of-reality buster. Sample it when crabbiness creeps in, and the day is saved – Tammy La
Gorce, Amazon Review.

Powerpuff Girls: The City of Soundsville

The Powerpuff Girls – Powerpuff Bluff (2000) DVD

powerpuff girls dvdBubbles,
Blossom and Buttercup are three of cute crime fighters that seek out evil and kick butt all over Townsville. These
little superheros take care of all the baddies. This DVD includes 10 episodes and comes in a Power Pack, with
Down N Dirty and the Mane Event.