Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) and Shingles Infection Help with Virox

Beating Shingles & PHN (Postherpetic
Neuralgia) with LarreaRx Virox Lotion

Can LarreaRx Virox Cold Sore Lotion help with postherpetic neuralgia?

A personal story about experiencing shingles, by Luise Volta.

One of the most difficult things I’ve experienced is the aftermath of shingles. The shingles infection itself
and its duration was not the main challenge for me. There are medications to get you through that, and in
a month or less, it’s often all over.

However, if you get PHN, short for “postherpetic neuralgia,” you many be in for a tough time. It
hits many people, especially if they are over 60. For some, it doesn’t last long, but and for others, it
can last for the rest of their life.

In PHN (postherpetic neuralgia) the damaged nerve endings cause not only prolonged pain, but also a wide variety
of weird sensations. I had shingles on the left side of my face and in my left eye. I got through the shingles
themselves only to find that PHN was much worse. My face alternately felt like it was in fire, was asleep,
had fluid running down it, and had bugs crawling on and in it. It was horrible. When I touched the effected
part of my face, or even when air passed over it, itching would start and accelerate until I thought I was
going to go crazy.

Nothing I did helped me at all. At the same time, I was confronted with horror stories of people often having
to live with PHN for decades. When my family asked me how it felt, I described it as having a rabid raccoon
attached to my face, trying to devour it. I was serious!

Relief came when a dear friend sent me to her Naturopathic doctor. She prescribed Virox lotion and spray for
cold sores made from the Larrea plant and my torture was over. I was amazed when I experience immediate,
reliable relief. She also put me on two very strong anti-oxidants-BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole) from Vitamin
Research Products, ReishiMax from Pharmanex, and MycoPhyto Complex from Advanced Bionutritionals–to bring
back my compromised immune system so the symptoms themselves will leave, and they are already decreasing.

That’s my story. I’m 79 years old as of this writing in March of 2006, and this was no fun. If you have PHN
(postherpetic neuralgia), no one can promise you a cure, but there is hope.

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  • Vitamin Research Products BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole)


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