Abundant Life Essentials Teach the Art of Letting Go

By Mike Kay

To believe that you won’t make the most of your capabilities or your life unless you part company with desire and wanting takes a bit of a leap of faith. In “The Abundance Manuscript,” Lawrence Crane takes us on a therapeutic journey full of learning that won’t convince you if you just read the book. This is a collection of therapy sessions in which you have to participate meaningfully if you intend to benefit.Carrying on the work of the late Lester Levinson, who developed the “The Release Technique”, Larry Crane has written this book to share the potential of this fascinating method with the world. Crane believes that if enough people open themselves to this approach to life, it is potentially a force that could bring world peace. The release technique has been validated by scientists and the medical fraternity as a technique that can be more effective and can get faster results than psychotherapy.If you flick through the eBook, you will be forgiven for thinking that it looks a little repetitive. Much of the text reads like a therapy session with constant reframing of questions and re-emphasis of key points. There is a point to this. It is just as you would expect if you were being guided by a professional…and it works!

Crane starts us off on the journey by explaining how we choose different ways to deal with positive and negative emotions and the art of letting go. The following 20 chapters progress you from level to level, dealing with more and more complex issues. “Release” is the only answer to letting go of the past so you can completely rebalance your energy. The release technique is fairly simple as long as you understand what you are looking for. Crane cajoles the reader and he enthuses us to experiment by using a wide range of metaphors for tapping into the unwanted energy and abundant life essentials.

Lester Levinson’s wise words punctuate the text and help to shape the goals of each chapter. The work that we are asked to carry out becomes increasingly intense but I found the whole book incredibly useful. To come away from Lawrence Crane’s text with a clear understanding of what sabotage I undertake on myself is priceless. To have a road map and comprehensive guidelines to permanent change makes Lawrence Crane’s “The Abundance Book” worth its weight in gold.

The Release Technique

The Abundance book is no longer available, but we did find a free course so you can check out the benefits of the Release Technique which also works on prosperity issues. If you have experienced the Release Technique program we would also love to read an account of your experiences.