Book Full of Homemade Beauty Tips and Natural Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Natural Beauty Tips: The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets

This book is a ‘must’ for people who love to learn about make-up and hair and face products. “The Black
Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets” provides loads of information on popular beauty products used by celebrities.
Brand names are also mentioned in this book, from discount store pricing to high-end prices.

Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman have designed the book beautifully, by gathering information from various Hollywood
stars about their natural beauty secrets. They have shared this information in a very friendly way and also
added scoop material by including Hollywood gossip to satisfy readers.

After the initial few pages, the authors reveal how far an actor
can go, to look appealing, including all the information about pre-Oscar nights and the anatomically incorrect
deployment of plumpers for those lucious lips. This book also gives some sensible advice and an insight into
bizarre rituals followed by stars, like Kate Beckinsales’s ‘three baths a day’ regime and Cindy Crawford’s
‘secrets of beautiful skin using leftover milk’ and many more tips. The readers can access some homemade
beauty secrets of their favorite actresses and also some quick fix solutions for common problems.

The book is written with a humorous note, but the contents educate readers on simple, homemade beauty recipes.
The book helps the readers to save on parlor and cosmetic costs, to be able to buy natural and cheaper products
that work better. There are some simple recipes to brighten up a dull face and they do not require the reader
to go in for costly par lour therapy. Most ingredients can be identified in the pantry.

The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets offers a lot of instructions and tips on how to make home beauty
products, using ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, oatmeal, honey, Vaseline and other natural products. The best
part of this book is that the authors, Douglas and Pearlman have used simple language and have maintained
a great balance of wit and humor and the seriousness of looking good. With the rising cost of cosmetics,
moisturizers and exfoliates, it is really great to have a book that offers ideas on how to use homemade beauty
tips to pamper yourself.