Plastered with Plastic: How Convenience Kills

Plastic Trash

Writer and director Ben Zohlo brings to us a fun video: Plastic State of Mind, a musical parody with a strong educational message that convenience kills.

The video is part of the “Rethinking Plastics” campaign of the environmental organization, Green Sangha.

By bringing creative education to the masses, Plastic State of Mind encourages people to stop depending on single-use plastic bags.

Plastic State of Mind: Parody with Purpose

This entertaining, yet powerful, video is set to the music of hip hop artist Jay-Z’s hit song, Empire State of Mind. The original lyrics are replaced with ones that highlight our society’s obsession with plastic and the dangers involved with the convenience of plastics. It is entertaining and educational at the same time.

Plastic TrashThe brilliant lyrics, presented by rapper AshEl Elridge and singer Jenni Perez, reference how this toxic material permeates every aspect of our lives, from our food and water supplies to human blood, from the ecosphere to mother’s breast milk.

The video encourages viewers to change one thing about the environment: notably, by rallying together to ban the use of single-use plastic bags.

Green Sangha

The group behind Plastic State of Mind is Green Sangha, an organization of people dedicated to uniting spirituality and environmentalism with the goals of healing and nurturing ourselves, our societies, and our planet.

Green Sangha strives to educate people about the interconnectedness between humans and the planet, and commits to raise awareness of this relationship by encouraging people to adopt sustainable habits which, ultimately, give way to sustainable societies.

Plastic Killers

Around the globe between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used a year—translating into 1,000,000 bags used per minute. Billions of these bags end up as litter.

Green Sangha wants consumers to reconsider the so-called convenience of plastic bags, noting that not only are they made from oil, a non-renewable resource, but through both the production and recycling of these bags, toxins are released into the air, landscapes, food supplies, and even our bodies.

Plastic State of Mind Video

Wake Up to Effects of Environmental Contamination

Environmental contamination effects the entire planet. Each small thing we do to change our bad habits and our addictions to convenience add up to improve air, water, and land habitat.

Water contamination is also a big issue since water is so important for sustaining life. This is why we are happy to support grassroots businesses, such as ToGoWare, and the other businesses and organization who supported the making of this awesome video.