Plantar Wart Treatment, Lipoma Removal, or Bone Spurs in the Foot


I was wanting to know what might cause knots on the bottom of my foot. There are three. Two are about the size of a BB, and one is almost the size of a pea.

No injury to the foot, they just came up and have now been there at least two weeks. There is no pain when walking, only when pressure is applied. What could this be and should it be of concern? Thank you for any information, Rhonda.

Dr. Leia’s Answer

Foot ProblemsDear Rhonda, Knots on the bottom of the foot can be disturbing because they could eventually become larger and more painful, which could then interfere with walking. So it would be wise to visit your podiatrist, a foot doctor, who specializes in only foot problems.

She/he would be able to diagnose your condition and ask you further questions about your health in order to find out the cause. Just to mention a few differential diagnoses: a person could require plantar wart treatment, lipoma removal (fatty deposits), bone spurs in the foot looked at, pressure sores due to ill fitting shoes examined, or numerous other related problems. It is best to get them looked at now before they become more painful or grow too large, and thus will be easier to treat.