Learn How to Harvest and Prepare Plants in a Sacred Way

Sacred Plant Medicine – This eBook Teaches Harvesting Plants
with the Proper Spiritual Intent and Focus

Learn Sacred Methods for Harvesting and Preparing Plants

If you love working with natural food and herbs you will appreciate the knowledge of Ms. Twelve
Trees who teaches you how to harvest and work with plants from a spiritual place.

The spiritual content in this book provides wisdom that teaches you how to center, and ground, and find your sacred
connection with nature and plants.

When you read this eBook (which you can order in minutes) you will receive:

  • The freedom to let go of fast food conditioning
  • Learn sacred language that supports the spiritual natural found in all things.
  • Realize your connection with the plant world and the earth.
  • Find greater levels of health, renewed awareness, and connect with greater confidence.
  • You will realize you can trust the earth to provide your material needs.

sacred plantsReviewers
of Ms. Twelve Trees’ ebook share how this beautiful publication uses blessing when harvesting plants and how we
can benefit from learning and practicing these blessings.

Another reviewer shares how this book offers a truth that is simple and pure by sharing ancient wisdom that embraces
reverence and respect for life while enjoying our relationships with nature. You are prompted to find harmony
in life and realize keys that lead to vibrant health and contentment with life.

Learn some wonderful secrets that will expand you spirit in this heart-felt ebook.

  • Discover how your intent for personal and spiritual growth reflect good health.
  • Discover why nature has power over man and learn how to connect with that power so you can increase your health
    and ability to focus.
  • Learn the how-to enjoy the rituals of food preparation as ancient cultures did.
  • Learn sacred methods for connecting with the earth, such as sacred words and spiritual songs.
  • Learn what personal power items and objects are and how to use them when you harvest and prepare your food.
  • Find peace of mind and greater levels of patience in life.
  • Learn how combine prayer and water together when giving thanks.
  • Discover your personal power objects.
  • Learn why speaking words out loud offers greater power than when merely thinking the words.

Along with this wonderful ebook, you will also receive fabulous recipes that are easily made from the
foods you sacredly harvest. Also if you find you are not thrilled you have nothing to worry about because the ebook
has a money back guarantee.

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