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Holistic Health Care and Energetic Healing for Pets

Holistic Health Solutions for Pet Care – Keeping our Four-Legged Friends Healthy

How much do you feed your cat or dog? And what’s best to feed them?

Can energetic healing be as effective for animals as it is for two-leggeds? What natural products can assist
in keeping our four-leggeds healthy?

As a wellness counselor, I primarily work with people but as an animal lover and one who respects the many
gifts our non-human friends bring us, I have often also found myself called to help them during times of
imbalance or pain. My approach is two-fold when asked to work with an animal. Of course, I am working to
help the beloved pet to regain health and vitality.

On a physical level, I also address the body’s imbalances and have found a few things that really help. One
is Colloidal Silver. If my two cats ever show signs of not feeling
well, sneezing, sleeping more than normal, etc., I drop a few drops of colloidal silver into their water
and it always helps to revive their energy very quickly. The other product I lean on for pet health is Willard

Energetic Healing – In addition to holistic suggestions for helping the animal to heal, I apply energy work
and sometimes work in dreamtime with the animal. However, this is not what I consider the most important
part of the work. What is even more vital in most cases, unless the animal is dangerously ill, is to bring
awareness to the human friend and steward of that animal the fact that no injury or disease is random.

If you pet is sick or hurt, there is a spiritual adjustment being made on your behalf and if you want to honor
the “medicine,” part of the healing involves learning what the imbalance was that required the
sacrifice so freely given. This approach is certainly not for everyone.

Energetic Healing for Animals

If you would like to learn to do healing work for your animal friends, Reiki, a gentle and effective alternative
healing modality, is an excellent way. Once you are attuned, you can easily work with cats, dogs, horses,
etc. Typically, a dog will take to Reiki more quickly than a cat. Cats grow to love it but sometimes find
the energy too much to begin with but each animal is different. There is one Reiki book, in particular, that
covers working with animals in a very easy to understand way. I recommend it for using Reiki with your animal
friends. It is the Reiki Handbook.

How to Get Rid of Cat Furballs

Furball Problems? Cats are avid groomers and seem to spend hours preening and licking themselves. Unfortunately
this usually means that they end up swallowing a lot of loose fur which accumulates in their stomach to form
matted lumps called furballs.

These are usually either vomited out or emitted with their feces. Problems arise however if the cat’s digestive
system is weak or if their nutrition is inadequate as the furballs may remain inside the cat and act as a
cork causing a number of problems including constipation, recurrent vomiting and a build up of toxins.

PetAlive FurBall Dr. has been specifically formulated for cats who suffer from furball problems and contains
a combination of selected herbs and homeopathic ingredients to help with digestion and elimination, thereby
preventing the distressing problems associated with furballs.

More Info. on PetAlive FurBall Dr : Naturally Help Prevent FurBalls and Improve Digestion in Cats

Pet Care and Pet Health Information

once a day feeding enough? I’m disturbed when I see people feeding their cats or dogs only once a day. If
a cat is left to their own natural feeding schedule, they’ll eat as often as a dozen times a day. In my opinion,
it is cruel to restrict a cat to eating once a day because it goes against their nature.

Dogs can safely be fed less than cats but I still disagree with the one-meal-a-day regimen. Even for dogs,
I can’t see feeding them less meals than the average human. They should have at least two, if not three,
per day.

How do I know? I ask them.

natural pet care remediesAre
snacks as nutritious as petfoods? No. The pet snacks that you buy are intended to be just that – an occasional
treat for your animal friends. Snack makers are not required to fulfill nutritional minimums in snacks as
are pet food manufacturers. Don’t depend on a snack to replace a meal for your pet.