Holistic Pet Health First Aid Kit Essentials

Natural First Aid Kit for Pets

Recommendations to Have on Hand for Healthy Pets

There are a few supplements that are good to keep on hand at all times.

This is because they address very important factors in a pet’s healthcare and have proven invaluable time after time,
in first aid situations where quick resolution is needed.

Please note that these suggestions are in no way intended
to replace or circumvent any needed veterinarian care. Know what you can handle and what needs the input of a professional

Activated Charcoal: I discovered Activated Charcoal when someone recommended it to help with the healing of my miracle kitty Lazarus too.
I was amazed to read that Activated Charcoal can absorb up to ten times it’s weight in poison. It would seem to me
this would be a must for any first aid kit for animals, or humans either for that matter. Dogs and cats are always
getting into things they shouldn’t and dogs, in particular, will eat just about anything so I keep Activate Charcoal
on hand for my babies and also for myself. I’ve used it for indigestion and it works great.

Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal (from Indian Hardwood) is one of the finest natural adsorbent agents known. Each particle contains many small chambers and cavities that bind-up unwanted material or gas. Activated Charcoal is commonly used to adsorb digestive gas and toxins including poisons. Activated Charcoal is listed in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. Poison Control Center recommends this for use in poisoning.

Willard Water: This is another product I simply won’t be without, for both pet care and
personal use. I’ve used it for years and really have never seen a product so inexpensive do so much for me. Everyone
I’ve ever suggested Willard Water to has loved it, without exception, and I’ve suggested it to quite a few. My whole
family uses it. Animals response very, very well to Willard Water and, in particular, it seems to calm aggressive and
angry animals so I find that it is effective whenever an animal is stressed by a vet visit, or any other trauma.

Remedy : If you have a longhaired cat in the house, I don’t have to tell you about hairballs. What a mess. And
it can’t be pleasant for the cat either. I was thrilled when a company I greatly respect for their “people” products
came out with a new line for our animals friends. PetAlive FurBall Dr. has been specifically formulated for cats
who suffer from furball problems and contains a combination of selected herbs and homeopathic ingredients to help
with digestion and elimination, thereby preventing the distressing problems associated with furballs. Presented in
a cat-friendly easy to administer form, FurBall Dr. will help to keep both your cat and your carpet “furball

Bach Flower Remedies for Pets – Emotional Stability: Bach Flowers
resonate with the emotional body to re-establish balance and harmony in the physical body. While much has been written
about using Bach Flowers on humans, these remedies are presented in connection to animal behaviour and your pet.

We feel that these simple supplements and topical applications can complement your regular veterinary visits and maybe even reduce them, because your animal friend will be more healthy, generally speaking, if you use them on a regular basis.

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