Learn About Animal Communication and Energy Healing on Animals

Animal Communication – Looking at Life through the Eyes
and Mind of an Animal

As an animal communicator, I’ve learned to look at life and the things around me in a different way than many
other people.

Animals have taught me so much about the outside world. I’d like to help you understand the way they
view the world and more about the way they think.

Animals have taught me to live in the present moment. Animals do this naturally because it literally means
their survival. They’re aware of everything that’s going on around them from any movement to
an odor in the wind. This is bred into them and reinforced by their mother from the time of birth. This is
how they survive. Even domesticated animals have very basic needs on their minds most of the time. They need
to feel safe and comfortable, which includes enough food, water and good shelter. Without these basic needs,
any animal will become wild again.

I like to tell people that animals, wild, tamed or domesticated, are still animals. If you have seen the movie
Madagascar, you can relate some of the movie to the real world of animals. All animals can recognize and
learn words, and be taught how to do things. And many animals can become somewhat domesticated, however if
you return them to the wild and they have to survive on their own, their bred in, natural instincts will
take over. Just like in the movie Madagascar, even though the loin and the zebra are best friends, when the
lion gets hungry enough, his best friend still looks like a steak.

When it comes to our domesticated animals we need to remember they can smell 2000 times better than humans.
We may be able to smell rain in the air, but a stallion can smell a mare in season 2 miles away. All animals
can smell death, danger, madness, happiness, and many other emotions. So an apparently friendly animal can
go into a survival mode or panic with just a smell that we humans might not be able to detect. This is one
reason many people don’t understand why their dog or cat can become aggressive, combative or may panic
in an instant. We have to look at what they heard, saw or smelled to understand this behavior.

I have a cat that just loves to share her world with me. That means when she comes into a room and starts
meowing at me, I’m to follow her. She’ll quickly run to what she wants to share with me. It’s usually
a bug on the floor or a bird just outside the window that she can’t reach or it could be a leaf newly
fallen from a house plant or maybe even a piece of fur floating in her water dish. This is her world.

She doesn’t care she’s having a bad hair day or if she’s gained a few pounds. She cares there’s
a bug that might be a threat in someway walking in her territory. She cares that the bird outside is a natural
prey to her and she can’t reach it. She cares that the leaf on the floor is new in her world and she
doesn’t like it. She cares there’s something in her water dish and she wants it changed. And all of
this is happening in the NOW.

Pets won’t tell you they want dinner at 6:00 or a treat in five minutes. They want food when they’re
hungry, water when they’re thirsty; they sleep when they’re tired and play when they’re
playful. And sometimes animals don’t have anything to say; they’re just looking and watching.
Humans are the only animals I know that can talk all day long about nothing really important. Animals will
tell you the important things like; I’m hungry now, walk now, play now, etc.

Yes, I’ve learned to watch, listen, smell and live in the present moment from my pets and other animals. I’ve
learned that the real world is one of wonder, survival, choice and learning. I’ve learned animals think of
survival, theirs and ours most of the time. They don’t reason like we do but they can reason. They don’t
judge things good or bad. They look at energy and situations and instinctively know if they’re safe or not
safe. It’s not a matter of right or wrong with them. It just is and whatever that is, it has to feel good
to them or they back away from it. They have feelings, emotions and reactions but they’re felt on their
level, not a human level. We need to join animals on their level because they can’t join us on ours.
If they could, they’d be humans, not animals.

I teach people how to become animal communicators and the first thing I tell them is to be in the present
and think like an animal. If you put your human expectations, time or space on animals, you’ll almost always
be disappointed.

We’ve watched too many “cutesy” movies that show untruths about the real animal world because we
are putting them in a world that we want to believe they live in and they don’t. They have to live in a world
of survival because they are either prey or predator; just like we would be if we lived in a jungle and had
to hunt for our food.

Animals communicate with body language, thoughts or telepathy, smells and noises. To communicate with animals
we need to clear our thoughts and be ready to receive their thoughts, whatever they may be. Animals have
no barriers when it comes to “telling us like it is.” They send messages very quickly and honestly.

I like to say to people, “When your dog’s sitting in front of you, looking at you and you get the idea
that he wants a treat, whose idea was that?”

So if you want to communicate with your pet or other animals, live in the present, open your mind, and put
yourself in their paws, claws, wings, scales, or hooves. That’s where you will get the clearest picture of
not only their world but of the amazing world you live you too.

By Shirley Scott

Shirley Scott is an internationally known animal communicator, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. To find
More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.