Tips on the Law of Attraction and Highlights From the Secret Movie

The Law of Attraction: Get What You Want with Good Vibrations

By Eve Lees

Doreen strongly desired to win the lottery. She did. Karen strongly desired not to get into a car accident. She did. Both these women got what they asked for.

Excuse me? Karen asked for a car accident? Yes, according to the Law of Attraction, says Michael Losier, world-renowned Law of Attraction Author, Speaker and Trainer.

“The Law of Attraction says whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, you attract to you. Whether you want it or not,” says Losier.

“It’s all about ‘vibes’,” he explains. Everything is energy. All people and all things are vibrating, pulsating masses of electricity or energy. Humans – in fact everything around us – emit a vibrational frequency. This is all explained by metaphysics and quantum physics, explored by scientists like Einstein. But Losier skips the science and explains it in a practical way to help us apply it easily into our lifestyles.

We experience the Law of Attraction all the time, explains Losier. The vibrations we send attract ‘like’ vibrations. Those who vibrate thoughts about poor health or low income will get more of the same. If you vibrate loving, compassionate thoughts, you attract loving, compassionate people. Worry about being chased by an angry dog and Fido will be there. And then there’s Doreen. She won the lottery by her belief and excitement that she someday would. Want to know what you’re attracting in your life? Just look around you, says Losier.

He says our vibrations are determined by our feelings. What makes you feel “good” (or positive) is a different vibrational frequency than what makes you feel “bad” (or negative). Whatever vibrational frequency you emit, the Law of Attraction gives you more of the same vibration.

“It’s obedient,” says Losier. What you predominantly talk about and think about, combined with the emotions that are caused by it, matches the results you get. The universal energy around you is simply giving you what you want. Losier adds, “The universe isn’t testing you. You asked for it!”

But isn’t the Law of Attraction simply positive thinking? Not exactly, says Losier. Thinking isn’t enough. True, it’s a good start to focus on a positive thought like, “I feel safe in my car.” But it’s really your feelings about the thought that set your vibrations. And the vibrations attract the results. Karen’s strong fear of an accident attracted it into her experience.

According to the Law of Attraction, you don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you’re vibrating. Losier points out the number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they are focused on what they don’t want. However, when your thoughts and words change to positive ones, your feelings and vibrations change to become more positive. So have strong positive feelings about safe driving, instead of strong negative feelings of an accident.

Losier teaches us to become “deliberate senders” in the vibrations we send. He advocates being conscious of guiding our thoughts to get the results we truly want. But first, it’s necessary to decide what you want, says Losier.

He suggests if you’re confused about what you really want, then it may be helpful to decide what you don’t want and reverse it. Add to that the helpful tool of using more positive words; “I don’t want to get into a car accident,” can become, “I’ll get to my destination safely.”

“When you focus on a negative thought, you’ll get what you vibrate,” cautions Losier. He suggests as soon as you have a negative thought, ask yourself, “So, what do I want?”

Once you decide what it is you want, you must believe and have no doubt that it will manifest. There are many tools to help you stay focused. Losier says visualizing can be a powerful aid. Likewise for gratitude. You can raise your vibrational frequency to a more positive one just by being thankful for what you have – and what’s coming. That includes acknowledging every little ‘good’ thing that happens (Wow, I found a Loonie! I love it when this happens!). Feeling good attracts more feel good experiences, says Losier. Decide what you want. Believe it’s coming and feel excited about getting it. And you will get it. Every time.

So, what do I want? Heck, I’m with Doreen; I wanna win the lottery!

To learn more about the Law Of Attraction by reading the book, or watch the inspiring DVD movie, The Secret.

Eve Lees, a former newspaper editor, has been a health and fitness professional for 25 years. She is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer, a health speaker, and a health writer for several publications. More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.