Parenting Articles: Common Worries of New Parents Include Carcinogens in Baby Care Products

Toxic Ingredients in Baby and Children’s Personal Care Products

After a baby is born, usually mothers spend much time pampering and using a number of baby products such as shampoos, lotions, soaps and dusting powder on their newborns. Some of these products are used many times a day. While some baby care products are chosen for the baby’s comfort, many are purchased as essentials.

However, most mothers are likely to become quite disgusted to learn that many of the products they are dusting, bathing, and rubbing on their baby’s skin are not healthy or natural baby products. It is very disturbing to know that these personal care products for newborns and babies contain ‘hidden carcinogens.’ They are contaminated by carcinogens or ingredients that ultimately break down to release carcinogens. Children are very sensitive to carcinogens and care needs to be taken to prevent the exposure of questionable substances.

There are three major categories, or groups of carcinogens present in mainstream products that are questionable:

  1. The maximum amount of carcinogens is found in wetting agents or detergents, particularly PEG’s, Ceteareths and Laureths that are contaminated with volatile and potent carcinogen ethyl oxide and dioxane. These carcinogens can be easily removed with a little extra effort. Another hidden ingredient is lanolin, which is found in sheep’s wool.
  2. A second group of carcinogens is also found in detergents. Triethanolamine or TEA interacts with nitrite to form a highly potent nitrosamine carcinogen.
  3. The third group contains a Quaterniums and Diazolidinyl urea preservative, which usually breaks down in the product itself or on the skin and then releases carcinogenic formaldehyde.

Numerous fragrant products contain carcinogenic ingredients and these are most commonly used in baby care products. Twenty-five percent of these ingredients cause skin allergies.

The good news is that safe organic baby products are available in the market. Detailed information is provided in the Cancer Prevention Coalition website. Many Cancer Institutes have failed to educate society about the risks of cancer incurred due to the use of baby products, even after the escalating incidents of childhood cancer.

Many companies are providing mother’s with better choices offering safe and natural baby care products, including organic baby products. The solution to the harmful ingredients in baby care products is readily available by reading labels and educating yourself on what to look for when viewing the list of ingredients. Consumers need to be alert and well informed about their presence and should choose wisely and learn more about these harmful ingredients.

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