Natural Pain Reliever in Doctor-Formulated Dietary Supplement to Reduce Discomfort Naturally

Pain-Eze – Doctor Formulated Supplement for Reducing Pain

If you are tired of taking prescriptions med’s for pain relief, you might want to consider trying a natural pain

What is special about this particular supplement for pain is that it was formulated by a doctor, and contains natural

Doctor-formulated Pain-Eze dietary supplement reduces discomfort and pain
the natural way by helping to support the body’s ability to deal with pain naturally. The synergistic ingredients
benefit by:

  • Helping the body produce natural pain relievers
  • Helping the body block pain signals
  • Helping by calming and soothing discomfort, such as irritation and moodiness that is associated with pain.

Pain-Eze Has Natural Ingredients Based on Science

  • B Vitamins help with mental and physical relaxation.
  • DL-Phenylalanine amino acid reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Micro-Nutritionals further support inflammation and pain.
  • Capsicum also assists in relieving pain.
  • Calcium Carbonate calms nerves.
  • Fo-Ti Chinese herb alleviates pain.
  • White Willow Bark relieves discomfort.
  • Includes other calming herbs

Pain-Eze actually helps to stop the signals the brain sends that alert of pain and support
the body in creating endorphins, dynophins, and enkephalins which are natural body made pain-relievers.

These substances created in the body act as analgesics and mild mood elevators.
The other herbs like Capsicum help to block pain signals to the brain which keeps the pain minimal.

By extending the life of these natural
painkillers in the body Pain-eze does a remarkable job at helping you experience a lot less pain for much longer
periods. This also helps calm moodiness that is provoked when you hurt which creates much less discomfort and

Another wonderful benefit of a natural pain product such as Pain-Eze is the non addictive nature of this formulation.
It is also non-artificial which is also a real benefit. There are no side effects as found with NSAIDs like Ibuprofen,
aspirin, etc.

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