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How to Improve Your Digestive Health

Man Holding Stomach

You need to pay close attention to your digestive health if you’re going to live a long and healthy life. Food selection and lifestyle choices matter! Here are a few easy changes you can make. Eat a High-Fiber Diet According to Dr. Gurunath Reddy from, a well-known center to …

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Who run the biggest STD clinics around the world?

Sexual health

Governmental departments mostly run the sexual health industry and even these are being assisted by non-governmental organization, which are funded by other governments for the well-being for the people within a country. However, of late a new player has started to enter the market – that of the commercial operator. …

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Salt: Your Enemy and Your Friend

In today’s diet, salt is a standard ingredient in preparing food whether at home, restaurants, or ready-made meals. The impact salt has on our health is unavoidable whether the impact is beneficial or detrimental. Yet the debate regarding salt as enemy or friend rages on. On the one hand, some …

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The Green Mile, As Experienced by an Empathic Healer

Green Mile – Love of Life, Strength and Energy of Nature Performance Arts Information on Stephen King’s film “The Green Mile” The acting in this remarkably cohesive film, The Green Mile, was tremendous and uniform. Not a bad performance in the lot. In particular, I recall the scene with the …

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