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So often in the news we hear about people getting sick from eating food that is contaminated with bacteria,
such as Salmonella. This causes great concern because we want to know the food we eat is safe for us to ingest.

raises many questions on how we catch various viruses and bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, streptococcus,
pseudomonas and staphylococcus.

How do People Catch Salmonella?

Salmonella actually lives in our intestinal tracts, and also in the intestines of birds, and other animals.
Humans can ingest harmful Salmonella by eating foods that are contaminated with the feces of animals. Even
though the foods look and smell normal, they may not be. Beef, eggs, milk, poultry, and even vegetables can
get contaminated.

Fortunately, when food is cooked thoroughly it kills Salmonella, so this is one solution, but it isn’t wise
to always eat cooked food since raw vegetables and fruits are so important in our diets. One good practice
is to always wash your hands thoroughly before touching food you are going to eat raw after you also wash
the food thoroughly.

You never know what you pick up on your hands when you are shopping, or casually handling
things throughout the day. If you hold your pets, especially reptiles or small rodents you can transfer unfriendly
bacteria to whatever else you touch. Also when you use a restroom, germs can be lurking everywhere.

What are Salmonella Symptoms?

Usually when this bacteria enters the system salmonella poisoning symptoms cause gastro problems, such as
abdominal cramping, mucous and even blood in the stool, and diarrhea accompanied by nausea. These symptoms
of salmonella usually start within six to seventy-two hours from ingesting the problem substance. Luckily
the fatality rate for those who get Salmonella poisoning is less than one percent for most strains. Although
there is no standard medical cure, the symptoms of Salmonella infection usually pass within five to seven

Another problem bacteria is that of E. Coli. Again E. Coli lives in the intestinal tract of humans,
but when it is digested through contaminated food it can be of great concern. E Coli can also migrate into
water supplies, especially during heavy rains, and snow melts. If drinking water is not adequately treated
people can contract E Coli through the water they drink.

Salmonella Treatment

Although there is no real clear medical treatment for Salmonella except the use of antibiotics, (which may
or may not help), you can take preventative measures. It was discovered way back in 1929 by Dr.
Moises deGuevarra that a solution of sodium chlorite, such as that found in WaterOz stabilized Oxygen, had
a dramatic effect at killing viruses and bacteria.

This product is actually a liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen that your body makes available in
a very small molecular form. It releases these small oxygen electrolytes when they come in contact with the
acid in your stomach. When the molecular oxygen enters the bloodstream its possible to fight and kill off
anaerobic bacteria along with intestinal parasites as they come into contact with one another. You don’t
have to worry about stabilized oxygen harming the friendly aerobic bacteria in your body because this product
is very safe.

You can use WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen several ways. Take it with you whenever you travel to treat water because
it can destroy microbes in the water. You can also supplement with stabilized oxygen to fight off getting
an infection should you come in contact with contaminated foods. This is an excellent product
to have on hand and one that should be in everyone’s travel bag and first aid kit.

It has been proven effective
in killing cholera, streptococcus, salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and pseudomonas and also in
helping the immune system address antique and other illnesses.

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