How to Grow Organically: The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening

A Gardening Handbook for Organic Enthusiasts

Reader’s Digest updated their popular gardening handbook to incorporate the latest in organic growing trends.

Editors Fern Marshall Bradley and Trevor Cole compiled “The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Now All Organic!,” which serves as an essential go-to manual for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Easy Navigation and Thorough Information Instill Confidence

Now All OrganicThe 576 pages of the guide provide gardeners both new and old with the resources they need to plan, create, and maintain their own landscaping.

The book leaves few subjects untouched, offering a primer in horticulture along with the obvious gardening know-how.

Additionally, the folks at Reader’s Digest break each individual subject down into its own chapter within the book. Color-coated pages and a thorough index help readers find exactly the right information quickly and easily.

Each of the chapters breaks down into specific guidelines for planning a different element of a garden environment. Helpful charts list the popular plant species within each category, along with physical descriptions and growing conditions. Beautiful photographs provide readers with visual inspiration, and thoughtful illustrations detail easy-to-follow planting instructions.

The guide ensures that even those born without green thumbs can approach their gardens with confidence.

Flower gardens remain the primary focus of the book, though the editors do justice to all areas of the yard landscape.

Annuals and perennials each have their own chapter, as one expects from any growing manual. However popular flowers like roses, lilies, peonies, and dahlias also have their own in-depth chapters.

Information Spans Beyond the Garden’s Border

Growing Organic BordersThough the book calls itself a “guide to gardening,” in truth it goes into more depth than the average gardening manual.

In fact, this illustrated handbook discusses nearly every element in one’s outdoor environment. The editors Bradley and Cole refuse to neglect any element of one’s yard, allowing readers to always dive deeper into the gardening experience.

One chapter devotes itself to entirely lawn care, while another talks exclusively of trees. Readers interested in cultivating their own food find plenty of information in the respective vegetable, fruit, and herb sections of the book.

Additionally, the book recognizes that the well-being of the plants begins at the root level. Soil information pertaining to preparation, maintenance, and health grace a number of pages within the handbook. Fostering prosperous gardens begins under the surface of the earth, and the book definitively explores this realm of dirt and minerals.

Natural and Organic Advice for all Gardeners

All New Illustrated Guide to GardeningLastly, the all new guide remains true to its promise to talk about organic methods of gardening.

Readers find pages brimming with recipes for natural pest repellents and illustrations of the targeted bugs. Pictures also alert planters of the helpful members of the insect community; the guys to keep around for the sake of the garden. Additionally, methods of composting and natural trouble-shooting also have places within the book.

Reader’s Digest’s “The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening” might be the one essential manual for all gardeners. Thorough, enjoyable, and organically minded, the book provides its readers with a cornucopia of information sure to be relevant for years to come.