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This company brings you only the finest and you can easily buy organic herbs online.

Organic Herbs : Grown in the fields, purchased by us, and presented to you. Mountain Rose Herbs promises
to provide exceptional quality bulk organic herbs, spices, botanicals, and an extensive line of superior
herbal products. We put an emphasis on organics first and when certified organic is not available we
offer wild gathered material that is harvested in a sound and sustainable manner. We place a priority
on our general health and well-being, and currently we are working to have all commercially cultivated
materials removed from our product line entirely.

It is our health we are talking about, so why skimp? This is an enormous move in the right direction for the
future of organic agriculture, and the sustainability of our medicinal plants. This clearly demonstrates
our commitment to the future of organic botanical products and to the health of our customers. We urge you
to support organic agriculture. It’s not only better for you, but helps support healthy ecosystems and communities

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Here is a few of our favorites…

White Sage : Oh, how I love the smell of this herb when burned for smudging. Very different than the
smell of culinary Sage, which is what is used in dressings. If you are unfamiliar with the ceremony of
smudging, it is the burning of Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Osha Root or other herb for the purpose of clearing
the space energetically for ceremony. I smudge before healing sessions, and after any type of healing
work. In all Native-American ceremony I’ve ever participated, there was smudging, sometimes almost continually.
To me, it is also a prayer and a co-creative effort with the energies of the Plant Devas.

In my work creating Flower Essences I’ve come to understand that there is a
wonderful, subtle but pervasive energy available and waiting for our spiritual partnership. Smudging is one
way of receiving the Plant Medicines at a spiritual level. Please note that I am not a teacher of Native-American
traditions but walk a blended-tradition path of spirituality. If you want to learn how to smudge in a traditional
way, you will need to respectfully contact an Elder or Medicine Man/Woman within the particular tribe from
which you wish to learn.

Of course, Sage has medicinal properties for the body as well and has often been drank as a tea. A combination
of sage and wood betony may serve as a good breakfast beverage instead of coffee. Gargling with Sage Tea
is good for a sore throat and it has been used in cases of dyspepsia as well as for bleeding gums. Clary
Sage Essential Oil has been used for menopausal symptoms with good effect.

Root : This is another of my favorite smells in the world. When placed against a hot stone in a Sweat
Lodge, such as my blended-tradition Herbal Purification Lodge, the scent
and energy of Osha is like a precious balm to the emotions and mind. It takes me to another place very
quickly and I consider it a powerful herb. Sweetgrass is wonderful too. Mountain Rose has a very large
and wonderful selection of bulk herbs, including Sweetgrass Braids, Osha and Sage. I hope you will visit
them soon and enjoy these gifts from the Plant Nation.

Chickweed :
I love this powerful little plant. Survives under snow and in wiltering heat. Some gardeners rue the day
chickweed appears but as an herbalist, I am always uplifted to see it. I’ve used chickweed in salves, in
teas, in tinctures and in poultices. Great for skin conditions, bites, rashes. Also a lovely anti-obesity
tonic when drank as a tea as well as being helpful with assisting the body in managing cholesterol. I’ve
often used a poultice of chickweed, plantain and other healing herbs whenever our doggies got in scraps or
had wounds.

The older herbalists, including Gerard and Culpeper, both loved chickweed and prescribed it for constipation,
piles, sores, opthalimia, scury, coughs and hoarseness, carbuncles and even hydrophobia. This information
shared for educational purposes only. Not represented as substitute for any needed medical care.

Herb Seeds : This is, in our humble opinion, the finest line of medicinal herb seeds aptly titled “Strictly
Medicinal” from the folks at Horizon. All of these medicinal seeds are certified organically grown
with the exception to a few of the species. The few that are not certified organic were wild gathered
seeds and harvested in their natural environment. This was done with respect to the region and ecology
of the gathering area by our good friend and herbal medicine author Richo Cech.

Please see his selection of marvelous books that we carry. These seeds are guaranteed fertile and true to
species with planting and germination instructions on each packet. Some of the best things in life are right
outside your door so happy planting.

Capsules : At Mountain Rose Herbs we are very meticulous and critical about the quality of the capsules
we provide for you. We do not measure our products integrity by its value as a “finished product.” Instead,
we stress the importance in determining the origins of the material used to make the capsule and its
manner of production. That is why we offer only superior herbal capsules made from the freshest certified
organic or wild harvested material, and encapsulated by scientific facilities with organic certification.

We do not stock commercially cultivated herbal capsules, and we never will. Just fresh, whole, organic botanical
capsules. The way Mother Nature intended. Herbal capsules are a great alternative to those of us with time
restrictions and demanding schedules. Simple, economical, seamless and versatile, capsules have proven themselves
as the ultimate convenience staple. Easily store them in your pantry or medicine chest during times of need
and they will pay you back kindly.

Herb Capsules


Dried Capsules

Oils : Full bodied, rich in scent and radiating in natural color, healing herbal oils have been applied
to our bodies for a multitude of purposes for the past several hundred years. Enjoy the benefits of this
age old tradition with our line of herbal oils that are made with certified organic ingredients. The
Mountain Rose Herbs brand of herbal oils have been infused in certified organic olive oil, with either
fresh wild crafted herbs and flowers, or certified organic materials. After this they are carefully infused
together in an olive oil base for over 3 months. The result? A finely blended herbal oil, crafted to
perfection. Store in a cool, dry, dark place out of direct light. Best if used within one year of purchase.

Salves and Balms : These are some of the more splendid ways to take advantage of the healing qualities
of herbs and botanicals. A time saving topical application packed in a pocket size container; these can
go with you everywhere. Apply them liberally to the skin, and allow them to work their magic. Made from
organic or wild harvested material, in solar infused herbal oil and in a base of natural beeswax. No
preservatives, no synthetics, no petroleum products and certainly no animal ingredients. The best way
to heal your skin is to avoid those nasties all together and stay with pure botanical ingredients. All
of us here use them routinely for minor skin damage, burns, bruises, sprains, rashes, and much more.
For external use only.

Rose Also Carries a Wonderful Line of Essential Oils!