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Oral Chelation Complex formulas are know to help prevent the production of free radicals that can cause cellular
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You can actually help strengthen your body at the cellular level and purify your body’s vital fluids with heart
chelation herbs and oral chelation therapy products. But first read about Chelation Therapy and how this type of therapy works.

Chelation Therapy: Bypassing the Bypass

Chelation therapy is essentially a natural and straightforward way of cleansing your arteries of deadly plaque build-up.

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

Plaque build-up, as you know, can lead to a dangerous condition — hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis. This can ultimately lead to heart attack and/or stroke.

It is, however, a paradox, or quirk of reality, that the procedure is not known to most people. More of this later.

The word, “chelation” [pronounced, key-lay-shun], originates from the Greek word meaning “crab,” or “claw.”

The natural ingredients used in chelation therapy help “hold onto” and, thereafter, purge plaque and other harmful substances from the circulatory system.

The treatment is available in two extremely advantageous forms: intravenous and oral. IV chelation has been used with great success for many years. The only downside of the plan is you have to find a qualified physician to administer it.

Besides, you’d need various sittings of treatments — 20-50, each lasting 3-4 hours. Also, the IV form costs between US $2,000 and US $4,000. This is, of course, nothing when compared to the hefty price tag that builds up for the standard bypass or angioplasty surgery. What scores a huge point, however, is while the two surgical procedures clear only a few inches of the arteries, chelation therapy cleanses the entire system — without side-effects.

The more accessible oral form of chelation therapy was developed in the 1980s. The plan is as simple as taking a dietary supplement. Better still, the price is also extremely affordable for patients — the cost is just one-tenth of the cost of IV chelation treatment.

What is Enhanced Chelation Therapy and What Does it Do?

First introduced in the US in 1948 as a medical treatment for industrial workers who suffered from lead poisoning, chelation treatment has come a long way in medical practice. It also has had excellent testimony in US Navy hospital practice. Chelation therapy was a standard prescription for sailors who absorbed lead while painting ships and dock facilities. It has also remained the treatment of choice for lead poisoning in children with toxic build-up of lead in their bodies as a result of ingestion of leaded paint.

It was thought that ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid [EDTA] chelation therapy — the mainstay of the practice — could help the elimination of calcium deposits associated with atherosclerosis, in the 1950s. Treatment studies were performed and patients afflicted by atherosclerosis experienced progress on a host of health parameters following chelation, including reduced angina [chest pain], better memory, improved vision, hearing, and better energy. This set the stage for a number of physicians to routinely treat cardiovascular patients with chelation therapy. Steady improvements were reported for most patients.

A recently-published study from Denmark has thrown further light on what makes chelation therapy practical and dependable:

* Of 470 cardiac patients treated with EDTA chelation therapy, 85 per cent of patients showed palpable improvement. * Of 72 patients on a waiting list for coronary bypass surgery, 65 did not require the operation following chelation therapy.

EDTA: Plaque Hunter

EDTA, the main component in chelation, works by “clasping” to plaque, metals, and other debris in the circulatory system and also eliminating them through the body’s exclusion system.

Some metals, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium are toxic. Lead and cadmium levels correlate with high blood pressure. All metals, even essential nutritional elements, are toxic when taken in excess, or when abnormally situated.

EDTA normalizes the supply of most metallic elements in the body. It also improves calcium and cholesterol metabolism by eliminating metallic catalysts which may cause damage to cell membranes by producing the dangerous oxygen free radicals, implicated in heart disease.

While free radical pathology is now evidenced to be an important contributing cause of not only heart disease, but also cancer, diabetes, and other diseases of aging, EDTA also helps prevent the production of harmful free radicals incrementally.

The best part is — EDTA does not cause any unpleasant reactions. It evades the digestive system completely, and thanks to its small molecular size, it enters the bloodstream far down the digestive tract. It is flushed out in its entirety through excretion, or elimination of body wastes.

Politics of Cardiac Disease

While every single study published on the use of chelation therapy for atherosclerosis has described improvement in blood flow and symptoms, it is a paradox that hostile editorial comments on the therapy have stemmed principally from physicians with a vested interest in catheterization and surgery.

It must also be highlighted that chelation therapy props up health by correcting the major underlying cause of arterial blockage.

As you would know, free radicals are amplified by the presence of metallic elements and act as a chronic irritant to blood vessel walls and cell membranes. Chelation therapy removes them. This gives the push to our permeable and damaged cell walls to mend themselves.

As the plaque is removed, it allows more blood to pass through. The result is imminent — the arterial walls become supple and more pliant, and this helps for easier flow of blood.

This is not all. Scientific studies have also shown that both blood flow and circulation greatly improve after chelation therapy.

Isn’t it, therefore, a surprise that chelation, which is an effective, natural, and economical treatment for heart disease, is not known to most people?

Needless to say, it does not also get mentioned just as much one would expect to in the media — print, Web and/or TV.

Ironically, doctors do not even inform us about it.

You ought to only blame the politics behind heart disease for the situation.

You need not, of course, search the horizons again to know why. Cardiac disease has become a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry. Hospitals, drug companies, surgeons, physicians, associates, and several other people make very large profits from our flagging cardiac health.

Suppose everyone knew about and used chelation therapy? There would be very little need for expensive bypass and angioplasty surgeries and pricey hospital stays and medicines!

This is what vested interests in conventional cardiac care are all about — a spoke in the wheel for less expensive therapies to progress and also become useful therapeutic options.

There are other reasons too. For instance, the patent on EDTA expired in 1948. Companies no longer produce it, and this has brought the price down very significantly.

You need not be a rocket scientist to know that howsoever effective a substance is, when the patent expires it will not be greatly promoted again. Also, pharmaceutical companies, as a result, would not be keen to market them. In this case, no pharmaceutical company would fancy using its financial drive to advertise EDTA to physicians — for a cause that won’t make them laugh their way to the bank!

Aggressive advertising and savvy marketing are, indeed, the engines that drive many doctors to prescribe drugs/medications to patients. Besides, physicians are motivated by the fact that they receive a major part of their continuing education through such advertising and promotion.

This also explains why many physicians are not aware of chelation therapy. This is a big disadvantage, because even if they were to recommend natural treatments, they would not because of lack of information. Besides, those who have everything to grow and profit from our present system of bypass surgery, or angioplasty, will make certain that things stay this way, thanks to their own agenda and vested interests!

It is, therefore, high time you’d realize that we ourselves took charge of our health by seizing the initiative in our own hands.

First Best Thing is Prevention

Prevention is, after all, the best medicine — a time-honored dictum. Besides, there are other things you could do, and with good effect. It does also not take the world for you to make small but useful adjustments to your habits and other lifestyle changes.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and the right supplements, can all take us a long way to good health.

Add chelation therapy to our list of choices, and we can all make sure that we don’t fall victims to the #1 killer of our times — heart disease.

You get the point.

Taking recourse to viable options such as chelation would be a small step, but a giant leap, of course, for all for us to set a positive example to our children and our future generations. This is also something that could effectively confine cardiovascular disease to the vast expanse of history books and reference volumes — for our progeny!

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

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