Mindfulness Made Easy

Before the invention of television, families of three to four generations gathered together around the table, around the fireplace or even in their yard under the starry sky to tell each stories, to relate the events of the day and share their future worries. This gave people the time they needed to process and offload information so that they could start the new day afresh. The time to stop and think was incorporated in their daily routine. Not so nowadays.

We have many commitments, places to go to, people to see, things to do, and in case our life failed to keep us sufficiently engaged, we could always rely – and many do indeed – on the virtual world, which provides entertainment 24/7. No wonder some people feel overwhelmed, exhausted or experience information overload. Now, more than even before, staying grounded in the present is of paramount importance. But how can we do that? This online course on Mindfulness will teach you an array of easy mindful meditation and relaxation techniques to achieve precisely this, and much more.                                                                              1coupon-75%personal-development-courses

What will you learn?

  • Mindfulness breathing meditation and how to start incorporating it in your daily routine to obtain maximum benefits from this practice;
  • How to use the mindfulness body scan meditation technique;
  • To become more self-aware which in turn will increase your understanding and appreciation of yourself and your relationship to the bigger picture, the world;
  • Mindfulness sitting meditation practice;
  • RAIN, the mindfulness approach to feeling overwhelmed:

Recognise what’s going on
Allow the experience to be there
Investigate with kindness
Natural awareness.

  • A variety of mindfulness training exercises, some lasting shorter than a minute to accommodate people’s busy schedule;
  • Practising silent meditations;
  • STOP, a mindfulness technique useful when feeling stressed:

Stop what you are doing
Take a few deep breaths
Observe your experience
Proceed with something that will support you.

knowThroughout, you will be keeping a diary to jot down your feelings, sensations, states of minds as well as physical reactions. This will reconnect your mind to your body thus increasing your self-awareness. Mindfulness will shift your focus away from the disappointments and pains of the past and from the worries and anxieties concerning the future, allowing you to experience and enjoy the present more fully. Living mindfully will not only increase your levels of happiness, but it will also provide you with the skills necessary to deal with emotional and physical pain.

Libby Seery, an experienced mindfulness coach, will guide you through this learning journey and provide you with plenty of downloadable materials, practical exercises and music to use during your mindfulness practice. So why not join this online Mindfulness course now and start reaping the benefits of a more mindful existence?