NZT 48 in real life—a review by Kevin

The NZT48 first made its foray into our minds through the movie Limitless. This miracle drug was shown to be used by the movie character portrayed by Bradley Cooper. The drug allowed him to remember things better, and think, learn and speed up his memory process and judgment ability. What is more, the character was able to utilize his brain functions better and remember things that he had long forgotten.

How wonderful would it be if there was an actual drug that could do the same magic in real life?Well, we are in luck because a real life version of NZT 48 does exist and is one that provides similar benefits!

Real-life version of NZT48

Man’s cognitive abilities have a huge bearing on his success at any task he attempts. This is directly related to his overall abilities and cognitive prowess. Drugs like the NZT48 make it possible to improve his memory, recall strength and any task he has to perform.

In real-life, this fictional pill is brought to life through powerful nootropics like Noopept. Nootropics are a class of drugs that directly act on the mechanisms that operate in the brain. They are also called brain supplements and act on the basic brain functioning by improving the connections between the nerve synapses.

Action of nootropic drugs

Nootropic drugs act upon the brain to create the effects that lead to enhanced cognitive abilities. As we age, the brain and memory functioning is affected due to the weaking of the synapses, which are the nerve endings that stimulate the thinking process. In order to have efficient cognitive performance, synaptic plasticity should be high.

When the brain has high synaptic plasticity, it is capable of making newer connections between the neurons. As a result, there is an improvement in understanding of concepts, recall power and thinking and analysis. This is what a real life version of NZT 48and nootropics promote in the human brain.

Do they really work?

Although the action of the NZT48 is highly exaggerated in the movie, nootropics do create significant improvement in the memory process of an individual. Nootropic supplements modulate the neurotransmitters and receptors in the human brain. Depending on the type of nootropic supplement that is chosen, you can expect to observe different reactions.

Nootropics enhance the brain activity and make communication between neurons faster and more efficient. The brain is formed of an intensive circuitry of several pathways which are as dense as any electrical circuit. The entire network functioning has to be efficiently modified or enhanced, in order to create a stronger cognitive operation. This is performed by nootropic drugs, by effectively improving the blood flow, oxygen utilization and absorption of glucose by the brain. When the brain is stimulated by the essential nutrients and life forces that drive its operation, it leads to improved memory and mental energy. Thus the individual’s capacity to concentrate on tasks and alertness to cognitive thought processes is also improved. As a result, there is an increase in energy and the central nervous system activity is boosted manifold.