Breakthrough Nonsurgical Facelift Formulas – Eliminate Baggy Eyes

Receive a Non Surgical Facelift and Watch Your Wrinkles Practically

Firming and Anti Wrinkle Marvels – Zenbiotic Is Like a Non Surgical Facelift

Zenbiotic skin care anti wrinkle cream system is the only skin cleansing regimen I use. I have always had
very, very sensitive skin. I can truly say that Zenbiotic is the only skin care cleansing program that has
worked for me long term.

It feeds my skin and feels so good. I could tell a difference within a week and the difference has remained
over time.

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of Zenbiotic products.

Skin Care that Acts Like a Non Surgical Facelift

Working like a non surgical facelift to restore your skin to youthful firmness and reduce lines and wrinkles,
these products employ the same incredible technology that’s the basis of their skin regimen. Among the products
featured here are a baggy eye treatment, collagen building serum, and a truly superior lifting and firming
skin care treatment for non surgical facelift results that are more than surface deep.

If you follow the link at the bottom of the page you’ll see detailed information on how skin care anti wrinkle
cream and Zenbiotics full line of products can be applied. For surgical facelift results from a non surgical
facelift product line, you can do no better than Zenbiotic.

Baggy Eye Treatment:

Chronic under-eye puffiness is a condition that can be addressed and improved. When the eye area is puffy
it can make you look tired and often older than your age. The Baggy Eye Treatment is specifically formulated
with high quality ingredients to significantly reduce the bags under the eyes and when used as prescribed
it only takes about three months time. This eye cream also assists in eliminating the expense along with
the risks that occur with a medical procedure to correct the problem. By maintaining use of the Baggy Eye
Treatment the lipids that accumulate under the eyes eventually balance and the under eye area is greatly

Ingredients: Horsetail, marigold, caraway, lemon verbena, sweet bay, lavender, sage oil, allantoin, citric
acid, lemon grass, comfrey, safflower oil, aloe Vera, glycerin, ivy extract, gum, vitamin E, pycnogenols

Collagen Building Serum:

The Collagen Building Serum is a true anti-age serum with many skin improving benefits:

  • reverses wrinkles and lines
  • recaptures texture and color
  • tightens up jowls, eye areas, lip lines, and neck
  • refines pores
  • lightens brown age spots
  • reverses and even prevents tissue loss
  • adds volume and elasticity to your skin

Collagen Building Serum delivers the essential nutrients to skin tissues to naturally rebuild, maintain and
repair your own collagen. In time the skin loses collagen from free radical action, sub-clinical inflammation,
oxygen loss, degeneration, and micro scarring. Because the body does not continue to add collagen this serum
contains all of the nutrients that your skin needs to rebuild the collagen in you facial skin in a very natural

Ingredients: Organic Aloe, vitamin E, Organic Jojoba, C Ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, MSM, proprietary herbal

Lifting and Firming Serum:

This product is amazing and is compared to a non surgical facelift in a jar. The serum is a cutting edge formulation
developed to fight the wrinkles that develop through time and the flaccid skin by lifting the face and firming
the skin. With aging the skin becomes flaccid or droopy. As the skin loses collagen causing the ectoderm
to separate from the mesoderm the Lift and Firming
aids the skin by helping it to “remember” to re-attach itself while also providing
collagen-building nutrients. Another benefit–you can use this amazing antiaging skincare product on any
body part.

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