How to “Beet” Chronic Disease: Learn About The Miracle Molecule

The recently published book, The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution: How to Boost the Body’s Miracle Molecule to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease (Neogenis) was written by Nathan S. Bryan, PhD and Janet Zand, OMD.

On the book’s cover along with the title you read: Say NO to: High blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney Disease, Memory Loss, and More …

This list surely represents some of the most prevalent health concerns facing aging people in developing countries across the globe.

Then the first chapter opens with:

Imagine for a moment a “miracle molecule” that could dramatically improve your health-if you could increase the amount of the molecule in your body.

Key to Preventing and Reversing Most Heart Disease

It didn’t take me long to devour the first chapter which revealed a little-known key to preventing and reversing heart disease that can be accomplished easily and naturally over a short period of time.

Developing Cardiovascular DiseaseReaders learn a 16-step process that leads to arterial damage and heart attack, as well as how to prevent or begin to reserve the process as low levels of NO are restored to normal.

This first chapter by itself was so encouraging. As I read on, I soon learned all the scientific research, studies, and facts behind the power of nitric oxide. I also learned why people over 40 are the most at risk.

Chapter two goes on to cover the diseases on the list above and many more, as well as the role NO plays in supporting the body’s defenses. For instance, I learned that:

  • NO is required for the storage and retrieval of memory and will help support healthy brain function.
  • Having adequate levels of NO can calm the effects of asthma attacks.
  • NO can limit skin damage from the sun.
  • Anyone can reduce their risk of diabetes by increasing NO levels in the body. Insulin is regulated by NO.
  • Signs of dementia correlated to low levels of NO.
  • Eyesight diseases can be aided by improving NO levels.

The scientific findings were extensive, and the list of diseases that are helped by increasing NO levels in the body was quite impressive. You may also want to read a recent interview with Karen Manroe, the Chief Marketing Officer for Neogenis Labs, who produces a supplement that is formulated to naturally increase the body’s nitric oxide levels.

NO Boosting Foods, Supplements & Activities

Fresh Beetroot JuiceDiets rich in leafy greens will actually increase nitrate levels in the body, which in turn help the body increase NO levels. You will learn about other foods that supports NO production, such as the beet. Research has found concentrations of beetroot juice are beneficial for both brain and cardio health. Word about the benefits of beetroot juice is not new to raw foodists and those who juice regularly, so it is exciting to see all the research study findings coming out on the use of foods for medicinal purposes.

Part Two of the book covers ALL the details about foods, supplements, and activities you can incorporate to help your body increase NO levels. Included are some excellent recipes to get you started in the right direction. You even learn more about which exercises benefit you the most, and other smart activities you can include in your lifestyle to increase NO, such as deep breathing, naps, and saunas.

Foods That Produce NO

Truth About Nitrates and Nitrites

Many of us have heard it is important to avoid nitrates and nitrites in foods because they can contribute to the production of free radicals. Part Three of The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution discusses the truth about nitrate and nitrite and how a free radical can actually be helpful.

The Nitric Oxide (NO) SolutionReaders learn about side effects and dangers of nitric oxide if levels in the body get to high, and how this is unlikely to ever occur through healthy diet, exercise, and the natural supplementation that Bryan and  Zand recommend.

The book’s Part Three I found was quite an important section. This is because for a long time I have avoided nitrates when I saw them listed on the label of foods in the grocery store (such as in packaged meats). I really thought nitrates would build up as toxicity in the body, so I was surprised by what I learned.

The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution is one of the most important health books to come along in quite a while. I appreciate that each page is packed with information every aging adult should know. It is so easy to read and follow. Dr. Nathan S. Bryan and Dr. Janet Zand are really on to a very important discovery. If you are nearing or over the age of 40, you too will greatly appreciate this book. Cheers to your health!


If So Important, Why is the Public Unaware?

What I appreciated most about The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution is that the book is written for the average person. Anyone who wants to know more about how the body works and what steps they can easily accomplish to nourish the body and maintain health will find answers outlined in this book. If you are over 40, get this book and learn how to increase your nitric oxide levels.