Learn Effects of Drinking Soda and Child Obesity Problems

Effects And Health Risks of Drinking Soda: Obesity And Poor
Dental Health

The effects or drinking soda can be seen all around us, in the form of the child health obesity problem.

People in the health and nutrition fields have been saying for years that soda drinks shouldn’t ever be consumed,
especially by children. Now, the evidence is proving that statement to be correct.

Over the decades soda consumption has increased, and so with it has the rate of obesity along with type 2 diabetes
by the same amount.

You can walk around anywhere and see the so many overweight children and adults that are obese. Most of these people have
teeth that are in terrible condition, and this is due to their soda intake. Some kids and adults drink over ten sodas a
day, which is simply a recipe for disaster.

As most people know, soda has no nutritional value whatsoever along with being high in empty calories and sugar and devoid
of nutrients. This evidence is all common knowledge, but these claims can be backed up scientifically with

Although the anecdotal evidence will convince some people, many will not believe this obvious truth that these
soda drinks are extremely bad for them and their children. Instead, they need hard scientific evidence to
make them see what is really going on. Fortunately for people’s health, that scientific evidence is increasingly

The British medical journal known as The Lancet was one of the first to publish findings following a study that was nineteen months
long, showing that soft drinks are linked to obesity in children.

The report showed that for each extra serving of soda drink that was sweetened with sugar that the children drank, the risk
of becoming obese increased as much as 1.6 times. This evidence is plain for anyone to see, and should make you think about
the amount of soft drinks you consume each day. This is definitely a real problem, with the average American
guzzling around fifty-six gallons of soda drinks a year.

Next time you want to have a soda drink, think about this. That soda drink will contain around ten teaspoons
of pure sugar and over one hundred and fifty empty calories, not to mention high levels of caffeine and a low pH value that makes it corrosive
to teeth. I am sure many of you remember the school science test where a tooth was put into a bottle of soda
and after a while the tooth was corroded away. That is what happens every time you drink one of these drinks.

It is time to look after your body and ditch the drinks loaded with artificial colorings and sulfites, and
switch to something healthier.

If these figures weren’t alarming enough, studies link soda consumption with heart disease and osteoporosis. In spite of these grim findings, soda still accounts for over a third of all the drinks that are ingested in the USA.

Even if you don’t drink soda, there are dangers in other drinks too. You may think that sports drinks that
are promoted by athletes are much healthier, but you would be wrong. Shockingly, studies at the University
of Iowa School of Dentistry found that sports drinks like Red Bull and Gatorade actually destroy teeth at a faster rate than Coke and other similar soft drinks. All of these soft drinks are dangerous to your teeth and overall
health, and health professionals are gravely concerned.

Leslie Ehlen from the American Association for Dental Research in Orlando Florida is one those concerned because she feels people do not understand how erosive soda pop drinks are. She was especially concerned about Red Bull and Gatorade and how so many popular beverages are a leading cause of dental erosion.

The researchers involved in the Iowa experiment took extracted teeth and soaked them in these
drinks for twenty-five hours. They protected most of the tooth by painting it with nail polish, but left a small part
of the root and enamel exposed for the test. Drinks tested included Regular and Diet Coke, Red Bull, Gatorade, and
100% apple juice. The results were startling.

After the 25-hour period, the teeth were examined under a microscope. They found all of the teeth were eroded in some
way, but the effects of each were different.

As far as tooth enamel, Gatorade had more corrosive tendencies than Coke or Red Bull. The least damage was caused by Diet
Coke and apple juice.

On the tooth roots, Gatorade was again more corrosive than the rest. The following were Red Bull then Coke and apple juice followed by Diet

The difference is not just down to sugar contents, as Gatorade has less sugar in it than Coke, at around 6
percent compared to 10 percent for Coke. As well as the sugar content, the drinks are extremely acidic, which
is what makes them so corrosive.

If it is not enough to risk obesity and diabetes, you can also get heart and other diseases, and the destruction
of your teeth.

Even diet sodas are very acidic, and have other problems that make them equally as bad for maintaining your health.

Instead of reaching for the soda, drink water. Drink purified water or spring water and live a healthier life.
Not only will you save money, but also you will stay slimmer, healthier and keep your teeth. If you really
have to have a sweet drink, then make one that is healthy for you. Learn how to make your own sodas with
nature’s natural sweetner, Stevia herb.

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