Find Organic Baby Toys Made with Organic Cotton Fabric

Mother and Newborn Baby Gifts: Organic Baby Toys Offer Safety
When Made from Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic baby toys make excellent baby gifts because the toys are safe and keep babies entertained for hours.

More often than not, stuffed toys become the baby’s best friends and infants and toddlers love to snuggle
and cuddle with their treasured friends.

Children tend to spend almost all their playtime with their stuffed toys most often placing them into their
mouths. This is one reason why it is very important that your baby plays with organic and chemical-free toys.

You will be happy to learn about organic toys that are one hundred percent organic. They have a cotton shell
that is pesticide free with unbleached cotton clippings and custom embroidered eyes. The organic cotton fabric
is very soft for their tender skin. In addition to the safety they provide, these organic toys can easily
be machine-washed.

Depending on your preference, they come in a wide variety of soft and cuddly designs. The range includes everything
from bunnies to turtles, to stimulate the child’s imagination.

The most popular organically created toys that keep the child’s environment free from pesticides and
life threatening chemicals include:

  • Teddy-Bear Foundling: By far, the most popular animal in the stuffed toy collection is the teddy bear.
  • Large Rabbit Foundling: All children enjoy playing with this large and luxurious stuffed toy. It is around
    twelve inches tall and can be machine-washed, without any fiber loss.
  • New Dog Foundling: It makes a great gift for the baby and stands ten inches tall and can be machine-washed.
  • Turtle Foundling: The turtle foundling is one of the most creative soft toys. They are reasonably priced
    and fit into any budget easily. It introduces the children to underwater world and the toys can be wash
    in cold water.
  • Elephant Foundling: Elephants have always been popular stuffed toys. Their huge size and fascinating
    trunks add to the attraction. This chemical free elephant foundling is around eleven-inches tall.

These items are ideal for the little ones and the variety and price tags make them affordable.

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