New Mother, Newborn Supplies Alert for Harmful Ingredients in Mainstream and Natural Baby Products

Natural Baby Products – Learn About Toxic Ingredients in Personal
Care Items and Find Safe Baby Care Products Free of Harmful Ingredients

Holistic Health Solutions for Newborns – Information on your baby’s personal care items.

Learn about the toxic elements found in many of the personal care products you may purchase for your baby.

There are many chemicals that are listed and used in products that are available in the market for consumer
use. Known harmful ingredients are found in shampoos, mouthwash, bubble baths and even washing detergents.

Here is a small list out of hundreds of chemicals that should not be used in personal care products, especially
infant and children’s items:

  1. Artificial Fragrances: Artificial fragrances are made from petroleum.
  2. Cocamide DEA may react when combined with sodium nitrate or nitrate oxides.
    This can form into a carcinogenic type of compound.
  3. 2 ppm of Fluoride can be more toxic than lead or arsenic when it builds up
    over time in the body, yet it is found in our drinking water and also toothpaste. Young children should
    never use a toothpaste with fluoride or drink fluoridated water.
  4. Mineral Oil – Effects absorption of Vitamin A and K, and is found to be both
    tumorigenic and carcinogenic
  5. Propylene glycol – Can penetrate into the skin effecting kidney and liver health.
    Found in food to keep it moist, such as pet food, and also in so many personal care products.
  6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS or SLFS) are irritants
    that can effect the eye development in infants and children yet it is the main ingredient in so many
    children’s bubble bath items and other baby care products.
  7. Talc has many proven harmful effects and should never be in children’s products
    due to risk of inhalation and absorption. When used on baby’s genitals it is a known risk for the development
    of ovarian cancer.

Learn About Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care Products

It is time we all educate ourselves about frequently used or encountered consumer chemicals, which may be
marketed as ‘environmental friendly’. There are many ingredients in our everyday products that are hazardous
to human and our environmental health. They really should not be used under any circumstances. Yet they are
found in so many mainstream products, including natural baby products which should not never contain any
questionable chemicals. Even some infant care formulas contain aluminum, which is proven to be harmful.

Researchers have also found an active ingredient in antimicrobial soaps and other personal care products that
causes nerve damage. This harmful ingredient is known as methylisothizolinone. People buy these products
thinking that by using them they are protecting themselves from infectious microbes and also feel that these
products make them immune to viruses and bacteria found in the environment.

This toxic ingredient is found in dish soaps, hand soaps and many other personal care products. Shampoos contain
antimicrobial chemicals that cause nervous system damage and accelerate Alzheimer’s disease. They are also
responsible for learning disability that sets in with frequent use, poisoning the child’s nervous system.

Millions of Americans use these toxic products every day and they do not realize that they are literally coating
dishes and their bodies with a thin film of active and toxic agents. Another example, many people use dryer
sheets. These sheets serve no function other than spraying the clothing with perfume. These perfumes contain
synthetic chemicals that are carcinogenic. People today are using different kinds of perfumes and most of
them are loaded with cancer causing chemicals. Even junk food contains toxic chemicals. It is much better
for your health to choose natural foods, which contain no hidden glutamate, but only organic ingredients.
There are literally hundred’s of toxic substances that allowed in our daily products.

Unfortunately, some marketing wizards have been actively and purposely misleading the consumers to believe
that their products contain natural ingredients. Yet, these ingredients are synthetic and chemically altered.
This also applies to baby products. As baby skin is very sensitive, it is safe to only opt for natural baby
care products.

Majority of these chemicals are considered to be environmentally hazardous too, by the EPA. And yet the consumers
use such products daily, such as suds for bubble bath, shampoos, mouthwash and detergents. Though these chemicals
are harmful to humans, yet they are being sold openly and legally and strongly encouraged by the media.

Organic Baby Care ProductsIt
is possible to live without these toxic chemicals. All you have to do is buy products that contain natural
and organic ingredients and do your research.

The non-toxic and environmental friendly products and ingredients
are available in the market and the more consumers request them manufactures will begin to meet the requests.

It is up to consumers to smarten up, be more aware, and demand better products such as the one’s formulated
by Earth Mama Angel Baby.

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