New Ways to Keep Your Kids More Active and Off Their Phone

There is an epidemic of people in general who are too enthralled with their phones to do anything meaningful in life. Instead of creating their own experiences people seem to gain personal satisfaction from seeing other people do incredible things. Blaming the kids and their technology should not be done as if many adults had the type of technology at their hands when they were children they would do the same thing. It is possible as a parent to keep your children active and off of their phone. This might take a bit of trial and error but believe me that it is possible. The following are new ways to keep your kids more active and off of their phones.

Enroll Them In a Group Fitness Class With You

Group fitness has taken the world by storm with boot camps and Crossfit gyms seeming to sprout up everywhere. The best part about these group fitness classes is that many of the workouts are scalable. This gives a person of any ability level the chance to work out with the group. Many of these workouts are done with bodyweight exercises which are safe for a child of any age to participate in. Teaching your child to be active early in life will help set the tone for when they are an adult. Exercising and lifting weights with your teen or child can be a great way to bond while making sure you are teaching proper technique to avoid injury in the future.

Trampoline Parks Keep a Child Active Without Option of Their Phone

A trampoline park sounds like a dream come true for many kids who grew up in the 90’s. These parks are actually a reality and can be a great place to take the kids for a fun afternoon. Not only will your children have fun but they will get quite the workout in as bouncing from trampoline to trampoline for hours can work up quite a sweat. There is even a trampoline park in Las Vegas to help keep the kids occupied for a few hours during your vacation. The best part about these parks is that no child is going to risk their phone breaking during the time in the trampoline pit. Allow your child to visit one of these parts to have some fun that both of you can relate to!

Put Them To Work

Chores are a great way to keep your teens and younger children off of their cell phones and staying active. There are plenty of things that can be done inside the home as well as landscaping that can be handled outside of the home. If you have multiple older children in their teens then you can save money weekly by having them handle the landscaping. Mowing the lawn as well as trimming the hedges is not something young children should be doing. Younger children can be raking while their older siblings are handing the lawn equipment.

Kayaking or Boating

Going out on a kayak or a boat can be an experience that you will always remember. Kayaking is the perfect way to relax and enjoy nature as well as stay active throughout the day. The phone will not be an option to take out besides for a few pictures as the risk of dropping the phone in the water is too great. Swimming or fishing can be done on these ventures depending on the weather near you.

Keeping your child off of the phone isn’t impossible but it will take effort on your part. Be as proactive about keeping your kids active as these habits will follow them for the rest of their lives.