New to CBD? Here Are 7 Ways to Start Using It

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been at the forefront of the health and wellness conversation for the last few years. It’s a compound extracted from the marijuana plant that is essentially the sister component to THC. CBD won’t get the user high, but it’s thought to have several benefits that support things like reduced anxiety, better sleep, and pain relief when paired with a healthy lifestyle and additional care for bodily health. 


CBD isn’t a cure-all for our day-to-day ailments, but it can provide some relief and support a positive attitude. That alone can be enough to relax and feel less stressed. There are so many CBD products on the market that it can be hard for new, interested customers to know where to start. To help illustrate the options available, we put together a guide exploring seven different ways CBD is available. Keep reading to learn more! 

Bath Salts 

CBD bath salts are a unique way to explore the world of cannabis products. Bath salts infused with CBD will make your bath that much more relaxing. As a topical compound, CBD has been reported to be effective in supporting relaxation. When paired with other relaxing compounds, hot water, and some good tunes, it can have a remarkable effect. These bath salts are a great way to dip your toes into the world of CBD and cannabis products. 


A classic way to consume CBD products is to consume edibles infused with oil. Commonly, these come in the form of gummies, and in general, that is the most popular CBD edible on the market today. You can also purchase chocolates, drinks, lollipops, and various other variations. Essentially, any edible item that oil can be infused into is likely available with CBD oil infused. Take a look at your local shops or some online marketplaces and see what they have to offer! 


A tincture is a unique style of edible that comes in liquid form. They are equipped with a dropper to drop the oil underneath the consumer’s tongue so it gets absorbed through the gums. These are great for people that want to consume CBD orally but don’t like the idea of edibles. Tinctures can set on a little quicker, making them attractive for anyone looking for a quick onset. 

Topical Ointments and Creams

CBD is often used in moisturizers, ointments, and creams to work with other compounds and support symptoms like stiff joints or sore muscles. Typically, these kinds of creams will be mixed with other compounds like peppermint or menthol to take a double-pronged approach to the symptoms. Anyone who works with their hands or in athletics may find this the more attractive option for CBD consumption. 


CBD capsules are essentially pure CBD oil dosed into dissolvable capsules that one would swallow like a pill. This method has no frills, which may be exactly what some consumers are looking for. Some people may want the potential benefits of CBD but don’t want to feel like they are consuming a cannabis product. 


Patches are less common, but they are a viable way to bring CBD into the bloodstream. CBD can be absorbed topically, which is why it’s used in pain relief creams, and patches are another great way to consume CBD without any of the frills of eating edibles, using bath products, or using a tincture. This is a direct and easy way to use CBD, so see what the options are if this interests you! 

Smoke and Vape

Of course, the classic way to consume cannabis products is through inhalation. Many dispensaries offer both classic flowers in the form of buds or pre-rolled joints and the ever-popular vape pen infused with CBD oil. You can purchase these products without THC, so you only get the calming benefits of CBD. Smoking or vaping is the most efficient way to consume any cannabis product, but many are understandably nervous about smoking or using a vape pen. There’s no question that smoking and vaping pose potential health risks that may outweigh the potential benefits for some. 


There are so many different ways to consume cannabis today; it all comes down to the individual’s preference and desired outcome of consuming it. If someone is trying to relieve muscle tension or joint stiffness, smoking or eating edibles might not be the most efficient way to use the product. That individual might want to go for something like bath salts or anything that can be applied directly to an area topically and provide relief without consumption. For those trying to reduce anxiety, edibles may be the best avenue to go down.