Networking in Los Angeles – Best Kept Secret is The Table

Networking in Los Angeles – The Hampton Table

I’m Neva Howell, and have been a wellness counselor and spiritual
healer since 1991 but also wear other hats of inspiration and passion. Among those other hats is performance art.
I’ve primarily expressed my love of creative art through acting in films, television and commercials. I’ve also done
some writing but, as yet, have not been as motivated to follow through on those projects to completion.

Around April of 2003, I decided to go out to Los Angeles, California for the express purpose of dedicating a year
to the craft. I wanted to evaluate whether or not the dream of being an actor in Hollywood was one I truly wanted
to achieve. During that year, I took some exciting and wonderful classes. Most notably, I studied with Patrick Bristow
(a comic genius in my book) at The Groundlings, with Karly Rothenberg (Second City Alumni) and with Lisa Dalton at
The Chekhov Connection.

In addition to almost continuous classes and workshops, I attended many networking events. Some were great, some
were good, some were not worth a second go. Of all the networking events and groups I connected with in Los Angeles,
there was one that stood out above the rest.

When I took The SuperMentor Class with Marc and Elaine Zicree, I found as dedicated a group of talented folks as
exist in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter. After attending the class, I was invited to become part of
The Hampton Table. The Hampton Table is comprised of former students and invited industry professionals associated
with Marc and Elaine. I think the Hampton Table might be the best kept networking secret in Los Angeles.

After about a year in Tinsel town, and countless auditions, I took a strong look at what was important in my life
and whether or not the Hollywood lifestyle fit into that. I discovered it really did not fit so I relocated back
to Alabama. Being a country girl at heart, I thrive in nature not concrete, smog and traffic. I’m very happy with
my decision to stay based in the south, particularly with so much nice working coming here now but wanted to stay
connected with my friends at the table, and also I wanted to give back, for all the help I received as a result of
being a member, so I decided to put up this networking page.

The Hampton Table has around 400 members so this page is barely beginning right now. As additional table members
request inclusion, the page will grow so bookmark it and check back often.

Hampton Table Members

Cindy Baer, Director/Producer/Actor 818-763-5299 Website #1 Website
#2 Email Director/Producer of the feature film Purgatory House (Named “Fourth
Best Film of 2003” by Entertainment Insiders)

Phillip Darlington 528 Cedar Ave #2-G, Long Beach, CA 90802 – 562-590-0827 Website #1 Email Actor,
Writer, Film Director. Philip also designs web sites, edits on Final Cut Pro, and Design and produces DVD Videos.
Acting teaching and coaching.

Kathleen Gati, Gati Arts Productions, LLC 169 N. Almont Dr. #C, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 – 310-859-3812, Website
#1 Website #2 Email Kathleen
is a producer and award winning actress. Her company Gati Arts Productions, produces features and commercials.

Gordy Haab, Film Composer 323-252-8866 Email Gordy Haab is an award-winning
film composer in Los Angeles, having won six prestigious international competitions for his music, including the
BMI Warren International Film Composers Award. Gordy recently became artistic director/composer for the 105 piece
pop orchestra, The NOVO Philharmonic, and has scored over 30 films.

Bonnie Ruth Janofsky, Composer/Songwriter Website Email Bonnie
Ruth Janofsky is an award winning composer and songwriter of film, musical theater and jazz/big band. She is known
for her memorable melodies, interesting harmonies and intricate rhythms which enrich any project.

Tom Madigan, digital filmmaker, director, screenwriter, editor and actor. Website Email I’m
a storyteller who specializes in low budget digitally shot features and shorts. My shoestring movie “The Darker
Side of Romance” cost $150.00 to make and is available internationally on DVD on a set called Curse
of The Dead .

Julie Marsh Nelson, Story Consultant Website Email Professional
script analysis for motion pictures by Julie Marsh Nelson. Visit the website to make your next draft Your Best Draft
with Julie’s unique approach to navigating your Story Space.

David Sonnenschein, Filmmaker/Sound Designer + Sonic Strategies, 18212 Kingsport Dr., Malibu CA 90265 310 455-0750
or 310 963-0807 Website Email Filmmaker
(MFA USC Cinema, feature director), sound designer, musician, vibrational healer. My book “Sound Design: The
Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema” forms part of the curriculum for film schools
around the world. Call for an initial free sound design consultation.

Serita Stevens, Writer 818 439 2730 (cell) Email Jo-Ann
Carol of Monterio Rose Dravis – scripts; Jacky Sachs, Book Ends Ltd, Gillette NJ. -books an award winning writer,
I am a forensic nurse and help others with medical expertise on stories. I write mystery, horror, true crime, romance,
young adult and non fiction.

Traver, Brad, Cinematographer 323-782-0753 (H) Website Email 35mm,
16mm, HD & DV. Union and Non-Union, low budget & Independent.

Troesh, Jim, Actor, Writer Website Jim Troesh is an actor/writer
who is also quadriplegic. Jim just won the 2005 ABC/Disney Writing Scholarship, recently appeared in the film “Oblivious” and
wrote and sold 2 feature screenplays, “Harlem,” and “In Memory of Me.” During his 20 years in
the entertainment industry he guest-starred in several TV shows, MOW’s and films as well as playing a recurring role
for 3 years on Highway to Heaven.

Robert Woods, Entertainment Attorney 310-434-1053 Robert is an entertainment attorney, specializing in assisting
writers, directors, and independent producers with optioning of screenplays, books, etc., production and financing
of film and television projects, and related copyright and trademark issues. Robert is also a producer and his TV
movie, “The Miracle of the Cards,” won the 2002 Movieguide Award.

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