The Ultimate Natural Skin Care with Live Nutrients

Zenbiotic Skin Therapy – The Ultimate in Professional Natural
Skin Care Products

When seeking healthy skin learn about a breakthrough technology applied to natural skin care products through
Zenbiotic’s Live Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT).

This is an advancement in professional, natural skin therapy that allows unprecedented benefits and advantages
through natural skin care.

This revolutionary technology is formulated in all of their skin-enhancing products to deliver a full range
of applications that are scientifically blended at an atomic level, producing natural formulations that help
you create the most beautiful skin without chemicals, alcohol, preservatives, fillers, or artificial fragrances.

The technology simulates topically (applied directly) what the body once did naturally in our youth. It delivers
water, enzymes, nutrients, water-soluble oils, and oxygen directly to the cells of the skin, deeply nourishing
the skin and setting a high pH level.

Natural Skin Care“LNDT “pre-digests” the
nutrients of our more than 1000 skin-nourishing plant extracts into molecules that are small enough to feed
your skin. Because the technology maintains the extracts in a pro-biotic or live environment, skin cells
readily accept the nutrients.”

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skin care technology, .

Zenbiotic Skin Therapy Uses Only Skin-Enhancing Enzymes and Nutrients

Zenbiotic Skin Therapy’s customer satisfaction rating becomes the testimony that sets them apart. Enzymes
essential for metabolic processes start to rapidly diminish after our teens. The products are enzyme-rich
due to their cold extraction process, and in some cases may take over one year to prepare. Hot extraction
processes in temperatures above 119F kill these enzymes . Rejuvenating oils found in plants, in their purest
and most energetic form, enhance health. When altered with synthetic chemicals, their fragile hydrogen balance
is degraded.

The products are made from pure, live botanical ingredients (that are kept live) without chemicals via a technology
that provides nutrition to skin topically. Plant oils and resins contain trace minerals, nutrients, hormones,
enzymes, vitamins, antibodies, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic and immune
stimulating properties. The Cell Renewal Serum, for example, is packed with more than 85 skin-enhancing herbs.
The LNDT “digests”, delivers the nutrients & accelerates bio-electrical activity in the cells,
as in young, vibrant cells.

True Moisturizing

Since skin is 35% to 90% water, moisture in the form of water is imperative for beautiful skin. All of the
products are made with water-soluble oils due to our technology. Traditional “moisturizers” can
cover up the skin with a layer of oil that traps the moisture that is already present if the oils in a moisturizer
are not water soluble. The Phyto-Moisturizer (for the face) is made up of herb-enriched purified water which
penetrates deeply into the cells of skin (and stays there) to add real moisture, lending to plumper, healthy
textured skin.

Making Essential Oils Water-Soluble

The latest breakthrough in technology (LNDT) makes large oil molecules water-soluble and predigests their
valuable nutrients that the skin can use. This is critical if skin is to accept the essential oils in compatible
form because skin is 35% to 90% water (the healthier the skin, then the higher the water content). Oils in
traditional facial creams are traditionally only 2% absorbed and, therefore, block or impede important functions
(skin facts). Without a true hydration system, your skin will continue producing excess oil in defense to
trap the moisture that is already there. Up to 98% absorption is achieved with these products.

Because the essential oils are water-based and highly absorbed, they do not clog pores and they do not attract
dirt, debris, or bacteria that result in acne or blemishes. As a result, pores become tighter and skin becomes
firmer and more refined. Additionally and most critically, since the skin shares important functions with
the liver and respiratory system, a clean, non-oily surface on the skin allows it to release toxins when
you sweat, and perform vital exchange of gases (skin facts).

High PH Value and Oxygen Presence

A very key element that’s found in both human blood and plants is oxygen. The technology formulated in these
natural skin care products ingeniously transports oxygen, and creates and maintains an alkaline environment.
This augments the oxygen that is found within the extracts that are contained in the skincare products.

Because of the organic catalyst (LNDT), Zenbiotic Skin Therapy products are kept in a live state, and contain
a very high amount of oxygen and at the same time are hundreds to thousands of times more oxygen attracting
than the conventional products you find on the shelf of most department stores or salons. This high content
of oxygen in its physical structure reduces the surface tension of the skin allowing the water-soluble plant
oils that are formulated into these high quality products to be absorbed by the skin at unprecedented levels.

As our bodies naturally become more acidic through aging this makes the levels of oxygen in our body, especially
our skin begin to diminish which, leads to a breakdown in skin collagen and elastin. This is where the technology
within the Zenbiotic products provides a delivery system of all-essential elements to combat the acid build-up
that progresses with age because of the products pH balance. With a pH value between 7.5 to 8.5 (.1 pH increases
the pH value ten fold in oxygen) this helps balance the acidic quality of the skin. Not only is oxygen the
most crucial element our skin needs to perform metabolic processes, which directly relates to healthier looking
skin, but you also enjoy the additional benefit of clearer skin because it is difficult for bacteria to form
acne and other blemishes in an alkaline environment.

The Formulation Process

The care in developing the formulations of these high quality, natural skin care products is a unprecedented.
The ingredients are first selected due to their synergistic and skin enhancing properties. They are grown
and harvested while being constantly monitored at the atomic level as they reach the highest vitality and
vibration possible. So many of the main ingredients are beyond organic while difficult-to-obtain ingredients
are wild crafted. Next, a minimum 9 month and up to a 12 year cold-extraction process ensures that the vibration
and effectiveness of the ingredients are not diminished. Many nutrients are important for metabolic processes
to take place.

The ingredients are meticulously blended at the atomic level in a state of the art laboratory to maintain
high quality and full energetic properties. Sensitive instruments monitor the ingredients ensuring only the
most healthy and vibrant ingredients are used in the formulations even before the technology is applied.
This is a very lengthy process, but it also guarantees that every single ingredient in enhances the health
and beauty of the skin. Zenbiotic Skin Therapy is results oriented providing optimum regeneration and rejuvenation
of skin cells.

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