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Having Trouble Losing Weight? Natural Supplements to Boost

How can holistic health solutions improve low energy?

What is metabolism
and is it a key to attain your weight loss goals?

How can you increase your metabolism?

An imbalanced or sluggish metabolism can cause many poor health effects
and symptoms such as weight gain, indigestion, lethargy, fatigue and poor immune response.

Natural metabolism enhancers are nature’s gift for helping our body burn fat without harmful side effects.
The best all natural fat burners and metabolism boosters contain enzymes, herbs, and nutrients.

Having Trouble Losing Weight? Why Increase Metabolism?

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Herbal Products that Help with Weight Loss and Metabolism

Many people who are diagnosed with depression have, in fact, a sluggish or low thyroid condition, called hypothyroidism.
The psychical symptoms are similar to depression and include poor circulation (resulting in cold hands and
feet,) fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, and recurrent respiratory infections.

Of all of these symptoms, weight gain is the most common and the most depressing, often resulting in the misdiagnoses.
The good news is that you can boost your metabolism through the use of natural enzymes and herbal supplements.
These natural enhancers work with the body to restore balance to not only the weight gain, but attack the
problem at its source, specifically poor digestion and too many stored fats in your system. An under active
thyroid can cause you to digest your food very slowly, leaving some of it in the stomach to ferment, while
storing up the fat because you aren’t active enough to burn it. You’re not active enough because of the fatigue
associated with low thyroid, and the vicious circle continues.

How to Increase Metabolism

Natural remedies and herbal supplements are great ways to increase metabolism. When seeking to enhance your
thyroid production, you will need to take into consideration what you are trying to achieve. Choose supplements
that will help reduce the storage of fats in the system, like a natural fat burner (stay away from the ones
that contain anything that could make you jittery, like those containing Ephedra.)Choose instead a holistic
product designed to promote better digestion of fats–usually marketed as fat burners, so read the label–proteins
and carbs.

You’ll also want to look for a supplement which will help produce metabolic enzymes. Herbal supplements that
help restore hormonal balance and support thyroid health are the best ones to choose from, as they are combinations
of digestive enzymes and herbs that help with all of the above at once. You don’t want to have to take more
than three supplements a day, some people lose interest.

HealthyNewAge is pleased to share health information on naturally boosting your metabolism for more energy.

What is Metabolism?

If you are wondering just what is metabolism, the dictionary defines it as “…Sum of the physical
and chemical changes that take place in living organisms. These changes include both synthesis (anabolism)
and breakdown (catabolism) of body constituents. In a narrower sense, the physical and chemical changes that
take place in a given chemical substance within an organism. It includes the uptake and distribution within
the body of chemical compounds, the changes (biotransformations) undergone by such substances, and the elimination
of the compounds and their metabolites.”

That mouthful above means that when people who have compromised, or sluggish thyroid, eat a lot of fatty foods,
the Lipase, or digestive fats can’t do their job in the process of metabolism (breaking
down foods, in this case the nutrients in fats that make up the cell walls) because they are lacking in vitamins
A,D, and E. Other digestive enzymes necessary for metabolic health include Amylase,
which digests carbohydrates. This deficiency is caused by too much refined sugar in the diet. The third important
enzyme is Protease; if you can’t digest your protein it leads to many problems,
for you need the amino acids from the protein, and also your blood and immune system are effected. So it
is important that your body is able to digest the protein in the meat you eat as well as the protein in the
green leafy vegetables you eat.

Health and Your Metabolism

There is such a thing as healthy fat, it’s the “bad fat” and how fat is metabolized, or broken
down in our systems which causes weight gain. Fat can accumulate in the tissues of the body if it is not
broken down properly, and although diet and exercise help to reduce the fat intake or burn of accumulated
fat, it is not the only factor in healthy weight loss.

Modern men, and especially Americans, have been subjected to fast food, convenience foods, and processed foods
which are outrageously high in fat content. The natural enzymes that our bodies produce to help metabolize
foods are outnumbered by the amount of processed foods that we eat; the natural enzymes can not possibly
handle this amount of garbage fat that we put into our system. The result is a slow metabolism and consequently,
weight gain.

Whole grains and vegetables can help, as they contain high levels of the enzymes needed to break down fat
deposits. However, theses foods are also highly susceptible to heat, which breaks down the enzymes in the
cooking process. This is especially true for an enzyme called Lipase; found in vegetables but depleted by
any cooking. This is why it’s so important to eat steamed or raw vegetables when using a low fat diet, and
use natural supplements to boost metabolism.

The nervous system regulates metabolism, so eating foods that help balance out how the nervous system works
are also the best foods to enhance metabolism. Simply put, by ingesting herbal and vitamin supplements designed
to increase lipase enzyme production, such as brewers yeast, live food (such as sprouts,) and raw or steamed
vegetables will help restore the balance of your metabolism and aide in better digestion and protein distribution.
And it’s not all fats that you need to watch out for, only saturated fats.

Importance of Digestive Enzymes

With a balance of Lipase, Amylase, and Protease you are able to address improper Digestion and over-accumulation
of fat. Along with digestive enzymes to assist your weight loss goals, you will also want to learn about
a couple other natural supplements that also benefit and boost metabolism.

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Reduce Fat Accumulation in your Body and Learn Ways to Increase Metabolism

If you are overweight, burp a lot, have gas attacks, are sick most of the time, and would rather be sleeping,
you may have an imbalanced or sluggish thyroid.

Low thyroid is often misdiagnosed as other illnesses, and the treatment, while alleviating the symptoms, seldom
gets to the root of the problem; the need for more enzymes and better protein distribution throughout the

What causes a low metabolism? Almost without fail, it can be blamed on our terrible,
fat saturated diets. Unhealthy and saturated fats slow down the metabolism, block the elimination of fat
from the body, and complicate digestion. It is a natural process for our bodies to store some fat for future
food sources, just incase we have to go a long winter without finding anything good to eat.

This was prevalent back when our ancestors were first using the benefits of fire, and our bodies haven’t lost
this reflex yet.

Unfortunately, the times have changed and our bodies simply haven’t caught up with evolution and the wealth
of junk and processed foods available today compounds the problem, so we just keep getting fatter and fatter.

Yes, exercise helps. Yes, drinking lots of water helps, and most certainly taking herbal supplements designed
to increase our metabolism significantly helps. And it is still important even when we supplement to stop
eating convenience foods and start eating more whole grains and raw vegetables which contain enzymes that
help the metabolism process and eat the “right” kind of fat.

Society as a whole has made this almost impossible, with the multitude of fast food take outs we have become
addicted to processed foods. Sugar, salt, and fat; read the label. The more sugar, salt, and saturated fat
that we eat, the slower the metabolic process becomes. As the process slows down, we crave more of these
three little demons, and the cycle continues.

As you gradually stop eating fatty foods, (slowly changing your habits) replace them with better food choices,
herbal supplements and metabolic enhancers, and you will feel better and have more energy.

This does not mean that you can never eat a fast food again; it simply means that you’ve made the choice to
eat healthier and live longer.

All or nothing usually doesn’t work, so don’t worry about it, but do try to increase your metabolism by boosting
your metabolism with natural supplements, and a better diet, and see how much better you feel in just a few

Natural Supplements to Boost Metabolism – Weight Loss Formulas

1. Smart lifestyle and EcoSlim – the safe, effective approach to boosting your metabolic rate and weight loss.

A healthy herbal supplement which can boost metabolism, improve liver and digestive functioning and help you
to get those pounds off without harming your health is EcoSlim .

2. Triple
Complex Slimmer’s Assist helps to improve metabolism and the breakdown of dietary fat and can also
reduce the craving for sweet foods.

3. Thyroid
Assist contains herbs that have been carefully selected for their beneficial effect on thyroid functioning,
as well as on overall systemic health.

If you have thyroid related weight problems, combine EcoSlim, Slimmer’s Assist, and Thyroid Assist. You can
purchase all three together with special value pack pricing. The complete solution for thyroid related weight

You may also be interested in learning more about these special formulas, as well as others that address health
issues, naturally and effectively.

natural metabolism enhancers “My
history is of being overweight since a child. This has been worse since I had my three children and nothing
has helped me. Native Remedies has helped so much! First the Detox Diet for only 5 days which made a loss
of 5 pounds. I carried on with EcoSlim Drops and Triple Complex Slimmer’s Assist and the weight continues
to go! I also have more energy and feel better about myself. Thank you for helping me – I know I will succeed
now.” Hilda.

Supplementing your diet with these necessary enzymes and herbs can help ensure a healthy metabolism and the
proper digestion and elimination of the unhealthy fats that are prevalent in today’s food products.

Learn More About Natural
Supplements to Boost Metabolism and Help with Weight Loss

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