Premium Natural Dog Food: For the Love of All Dogs

Black Dog with Smiling Man

While humans have increasingly started embracing the natural healthy lifestyle, the trend towards including pets in this lifestyle shift has also gained popularity.

One company, Darford Industries Ltd. has taken the lead by providing wholesome nutrition with its premium natural dog food and treats.

But this revolutionary company is about more than holistic pet food. A major focus of its operations has been about making it easier for pet lovers to support the millions of shelter dogs across the continent.

Wanted: Nutritious Pet Food

Twenty years ago, Darford Industries founder, Darcy Bomford, wanted for his dog a healthier food option free from fillers and by-products. The result was the creation of a successful line of all-natural dog food and treats, now sold across North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

Black Dog with Smiling ManBased in Vernon, British Columbia, Darford Industries has emerged as a leader in the natural and holistic pet specialty industry. The company uses local and organic ingredients from suppliers and growers across North America with proven qualifications. Not only does the company produce a wide variety of foods and treats, it also manufactures on contract for other reputable companies, further solidifying their role as leaders.

All-Natural Dog Food

The commitment to providing dogs food made from recipes containing vegetables and fruits gives the pet food its antioxidant and micronutrient properties. The recipes call for nutrient-dense ingredients and include a wide variety of flavors. Dog owners can be assured than when they feed their pets food and treats from Darford Industries, it is free from fillers and by-products.

There are three lines of premium pet food produced by Darford:

  • The Naturals line is made with flax, kelp, and yucca.
  • The Holistic dog food and treats use recipes free from wheat and corn.
  • The Zero/G line is food made without grains, gluten, or GMOs.

All three lines provide excellent sources of carbohydrates for dogs—oats, rice, and barley—and stay away from allergy-inducing ingredients such as wheat, corn, and soy.

PlusOne Movement

Young Black and White PuppyThe company has developed a grassroots initiative called the PlusOne Movement. This movement is designed to give the ordinary dog owner an opportunity to help shelter dogs by making it easy to “buy for one, care for two.” Attached to each box of Darford dog food or treats is an individually wrapped package of food that can be donated to local rescue shelters.

According to the ASPCA, sixty percent—or approximately 4 million—dogs admitted into shelters are euthanized each year. While half of these cases are because of a low adoption rate, the other half is euthanized because of a lack of adequate space and food. The goal of the PlusOne Movement is to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Award Winning Recognition

The PlusOne Movement and the innovative food line, Zero/G, were the two leading forces behind Darford Industries’ recent award. The 2010 Global Pet Expo proudly presented the company with the 1st Place Best in Show Award for a New Product in the Natural Pet category.

As founder Darcy Bomford notes,

We can only hope to achieve as humans what comes so easily from our pets; unconditional love, loyalty, and true companionship.

The goal is simple: provide dogs with health and nutrition through natural pet food. This coupled with Darford Industries’ commitment to social responsibility through its PlusOne Movement will continue to propel the company into the future as global advocates for man’s best friend.

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