Review of Native American Shaman, Jim PathFinder Ewing’s Book on Energy Clearing

Native American Shaman: Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies
Trapped in Buildings and Lands

Jim PathFinder Ewing has given me new insight in his book “Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped
in Buildings and Lands.”

Several years ago my wife suffered an extreme reaction as she helped some friends “clear” an old
monastery. At the time the whole thing was a mystery to me.

The entire exercise smacked of exorcism and I was concerned that this well-intentioned adventure was out of
control. I have now learned, courtesy of Ewing, that the reason for the extreme reaction was insufficient
grounding and poor understanding of the “still point.”

My wife survived the “attack of the negative spirits” but the experience has left me convinced of
the power of centuries of energy distortion in buildings. Ewing’s book has added a new dimension to my understanding.
Not only is it written in easy language, he manages to be incredibly comprehensive and yet efficient with

“Clearing”, for such a slim volume, has amazing layering of concepts. You’ll find practical advice
and spiritual advice living in close juxtaposition. Ewing’s gift of description draws you into every new
subject that he introduces. Even if the concept of power animals, deities and goddesses are alien to you,
you’ll find Ewing’s descriptions make compelling reading.

The book is packed with stories, case-studies, guidance and advice. After all partnering with the earth spirits
is not to be embarked on with a faint heart. As a Native American shaman and respected teacher of this ancient
craft of Clearing, Jim PathFinder Ewing clearly feels that these ceremonies can be performed by any well-intentioned
individual or group. His trust that the guiding spirits would disallow bad practice is heartening.

Ewing has also written “Native American Spirituality: Freedom Denied, or Blood Quantum: Native America’s
Dirty Little Secret.”, “Does Looking Back Woman Have ‘The’ Sacred Pipe?” and “Finding
Sanctuary in Nature : Simple Ceremonies in the Native American Tradition for Healing Yourself and Others”.
He is clearly a man in touch with the environment and the world of spirits. I only wish that “Clearing” and
Jim PathFinder Ewing’s teachings had been available 10 years ago.

Book Review By Mike Kay