Nano digital hearing aids: Discover the new Nano X2 Recharge

Hearing problems affect any person at any age. They are actually very common. In the US alone, 2-3 out of 1,000 babies are born with detectable hearing loss, and 15% of adults over 18 years have hearing problems. The problem gets worse with age as 25% of adults aged 65-74 years develop incapacitating hearing loss, which rises to 50% of those over 75 years old. Being unable to hear properly is so debilitating that it is amazing that young people take up to 7 years to seek treatment.

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Nano X2 Recharge Digital Hearing Aid

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How can someone tell if they have a hearing problem?

There are symptoms and signs as trouble understanding normal conversation, difficulty understanding though a person believes he/she can hear, needing to turn up TV or radio volume, asking people to repeat what they said, avoiding social situations, inability to communicate in noisy situations, and tinnitus (ringing/buzzing sounds in the ears). The symptoms vary of course depending on the type, cause and degree of hearing loss.

There are different types of hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is permanent and it is caused by damage to the auditory nerve or to tiny hair-like cells in the inner ear. Aging and continuous exposure to loud noise or sudden loud noise (e.g. gunshot or explosion) may contribute to this problem. People with this type of hearing loss struggle to understand speech or any sound that is loud enough to hear under normal circumstances. Conducive hearing loss is caused by physical problems in the outer or middle ear or obstruction in the ear canal, e.g. excessive earwax. This is normally temporary but it can also be permanent. Mixed hearing loss is caused by both damage in the inner ear and physical problems in the outer and middle ear.

Untreated hearing loss is related with lower quality of life, social isolation, depression, unemployment, lower earnings at work, high blood pressure, increased dangerous trips and falls, and higher medical bills for other medical problems. It is a huge problem that affects the sufferers and those close to them.

Solutions for Hearing Loss

Most types of hearing loss cannot be reversed. Luckily help is available. Anyone who experiences hearing loss should see their doctor or a hearing specialist who can help to improve hearing.

Conducive hearing loss involving absence of ear canal or failure of the ear canal to be open at birth can be corrected by surgery. Surgery can also correct absence or malformation or dysfunction of the middle ear structures at birth or due to head trauma. In other cases, sound amplification using an osseointegrated device or a conventional hearing aid may be the solution.

Sensorineural hearing loss can be treated with corticosteroids if it is caused by a virus or inflammation after exposure to loud noise. Corticosteroids can be used long-term if hearing loss progresses gradually due to autoimmune activity. Emergency surgery may be called for if there has been inner ear fluid compartment rupture or leakage due to head trauma or sudden changes in air pressure. Other cases may require diuretics, low sodium diet and corticosteroids. If hearing loss is caused by a disease, management of that disease may restore hearing. Irreversible sensorineural hearing loss requires hearing aids.

Mixed hearing loss may require a combination of treatments depending on the cause.

Latest Developments in Hearing Aids: The Nano X2 Recharge

The new Nano X2 Hearing Aid was designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. It is an invisible device that is more powerful than other devices available now at comparable or higher prices. With its large buttons, it is so easy to use and adjust that any newbie can enjoy its benefits within minutes. It has two directional microphones each that make sound crystal clear. According to people who have used it, the Nano X2 works far better than the old $5k hearing aids even though it costs a fraction of that price!

Nano combines new innovative nano-microchip technology, sound quality, design, comfort and affordability to bring medical-grade hearing aids at a price far below traditional hearing aids. It is powerful enough to improve most levels of hearing loss. Nano Hearing Aids are now the US’s most popular online hearing aid.

Its features include digital noise-filtering technology. It includes different frequencies for normal every day use, for noise reduction, for television and more. The key features include:

  • Comfortable easy-to-use BTE model.
  • An invisible wire-thin receiver tube.
  • Easy-to-use Up and Down volume buttons.
  • Low-battery warning to avoid run-down battery.
  • Frequency controls for noisy environments.
  • Automatic noise reduction.
  • Automatic feedback canceller.

Nano had the wearer’s comfort in mind when they designed the Nano X2 invisible hearing aid. The person who buys the hearing aids receives multiple ear tips so that they can find the one that perfectly fits into the ear canal. They hearing aids are so comfortable and they fit so perfectly in the ear canal that the wearer will not even notice that they are wearing them. There is no discomfort wearing these hearing aids, which is one of the main reasons it has been so popular.

Always check with your Doctor when hearing problems develop, worsen or change as there are many other factors to consider.