Learn About the Cocao Bean and Yummy Raw Chocolate Recipes: Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie

Naked Chocolate is a book that uncovers the why and how of the most beloved food world round: chocolate.

We all, well almost all of us, love, adore, and absolutely devour tasty, creamy, rich chocolate. But do you know that it’s not just because it tastes so good?

Deep down we are instinctively drawn to this versatile, delectable food.

More Than Just a Chocolate Recipe Book

Naked Chocolate, published by North Atlantic Books, gives the reader a bit of insight into why chocolate is adored, eaten, and reserved as a special treat to most people in the world. In fact, chocolate is really even worth money. At least this was so in central Mexico hundreds of years ago (1500s) where workers were paid in cacao beans.

Written by David Wolfe and Shazzie, this book explores a history of chocolate, the three different types of chocolate, its important role in some cultures, the way it’s made and what happens during this processing, the scientific evidence in regards to many health benefits of this amazing gift from nature, and, of course, delicious, nutritious recipes.

Discover the Cacao Bean

Naked Chocolate refers to chocolate in its most natural and raw form, or as the cacao bean. The chocolate discussed in Naked Chocolate is in this raw, unaltered form.

This book will lead you on a journey into the world of chocolate. Learn the myths and legends associated with this life-giving food, what it’s really made of, and many new ways to eat, cook, and enjoy chocolate. With recipes that utilize not just chocolate but other life-giving, rich-in-nutrient foods, you’ll discover chocolate doesn’t just come in candy bars. In fact, you can find a recipe and way to devour healthy chocolate everyday with the tasty recipes in this book.

Discover Rich Chocolate Fruit Sorbet, Chocolate Pizza, The Golden Ticket (like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,) Tortilla Chips (yes, made with chocolate,) and more mouth-watering recipes made with cacao beans that you can eat and enjoy morning, noon, and night.

The Science andLove of Chocolate

Naked Chocolate takes you where no other book on chocolate or cacao has before. It combines a history of chocolate, with the myths surrounding chocolate, as well as scientific data to back up the cacao bean’s astounding health benefits, and gives you recipes to make, and resources to use to bring the vast health benefits of chocolate into your daily life.

This book provides a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind perspective on chocolate that hasn’t been explored before in just one book.

David Wolfe and Shazzie do a wonderful job of exploring and teaching all about the cacao bean and the “chocolate” we eat today. By the end of this book you’ll know exactly why you’ve loved chocolate for so long and you’ll want to order the real stuff immediately!

I enjoyed the unique information presented in this book. It’s a one-stop spot to get all the goods on amazing, powerful Naked Chocolate.