Movember is here, are you growing a moustache too?

Since 2004 a new movement in relation to men’s health was born. That is the Movember movement. Movember is created by an NGO that encourages every men to grow a moustache during the whole month of November. The purpose of Movember is to educate about men’s health specifically prostate and testicular cancer. The organization behind it also takes this opportunity to raise funds that are going to be used to raise awareness about prostate cancer and research.

How to take part in this event

It starts on November. First you need to register at the foundation website which is . The next move is to start growing a brand new moustache. If you already have one then you have to shave it all and start over again. This goes on for the whole 30 days of the month of November.

During these 30 days of growing a moustache you are required to raise funds. You need to search for sponsors that are willing to help the cause. You have to go around and educate people about prostate cancer and testicular cancers. You need to raise awareness about men’s health. Go around, talk to your friends about it, seize any opportunity you get to inform about prostate cancer. You should use all the 30 days of November to spread the word.

At the end of the month you can decided to celebrate your own Movember party or attend one of the Gala parties organized by Movember members. You can get information about the places where the events are taking place on their website.

Why you should take part

This event is not just for the fun of it. The most common form of cancer in men is prostate cancer, says the American Cancer Society (ACS). It is actually the second leading cause of cancer death in men. It usually affects older people around their 60s but if detected early it can be properly dealt with before it gets worse. This is why the education is very important.

The fund raised also helps in the research to find a cure for prostate cancer. The Movember NGO has developed a partnership with Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVEstrong Foundation. Together they manage the fund raised that are directed into innovative programs that create awareness and educate the people about prostate cancer.

What you can do to avoid prostate cancer

Nobody knows the real cause of prostate cancer. That said the best thing you can do is to develop good health habits. Concerning your diet, eating fruits very often is known to reduce the risk factors for cancer. Avoid foods rich in fats, maintain a healthy weight and exercise more often.

It doesn’t hurt to participate in this fun activity as Movember. Remember, you could be the one developing a prostate cancer later in life. Getting informed about cancer risk factors and how you can avoid it is crucial. A lot of men are still not taking their health seriously enough. Especially when it comes to prostate cancer. You can make the difference by participating and let the word go out. Have a nice Movember month.