Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings – What Do Colours of Rings Mean?

Information about Mood Ring Colors

What do the colors of a mood ring indicate? Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart (scroll down the page for our chart) will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone. Seek inner guidance as well when discerning what the mood ring colors mean for you.

Mood Ring Color Chart

You’ve seen them. Maybe you have one. They’re called Mood Rings and they change color, according to the emotional state of the wearer. The theory is that the sets in these mood rings change due to your moods. There are many schools of thought about how colors correspond to emotions. However, psychology professionals consider the subject to be pseudoscience, so the following interactive color chart is provided for your entertainment only (notice what happens when you click your mouse):
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Below is another set of mood ring color interpretations, what some common colors would represent.
In other words, if you were wearing your mood ring and it turned yellow, it might indicate that your mood is imaginative or creative in some way. From a chakra point of view, yellow corresponds to the third chakra energies so perhaps it could also indicate a time when you are in some sort of ego, or personality self, struggle or a time when you are really busy putting on a particular mask for someone.

Of course, by watching your own moods and checking to see what color your ring turns, you can begin to develop your own chart and I venture to say it may be totally different than the general guidelines below. Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.

General Mood Ring Color Indications:

  • Black is usually associated with negativity but in my own spiritual path, I find it also relates to any time that the Feminine Divine Energies are present. Some attributes of a black mood ring color that are negative would be if you were overworked, nervous about something, physically under par, etc. Be your own best judge. If it turns black during a time when you are feeling extraordinarily connected, benevolent and aware, then I’d say that’s the Divine Feminine influence and certainly not negative.
  • Red is the color of passion and of anger. It can also represent energized action, an adventuresome spirit or major excitement over something that is happening or about to happen in your life.
  • Yellow is the color associated with mental processes, and with the ego self, or personality self as it is sometimes called. Yellow could occur when studying for a test, thinking hard about a problem or struggling with insecurity and/or puffed up pride.
  • Green is the color of living plants and is often associated with growth. Green is the color of the heart chakra.
    A green shade to your mood ring might indicate a healing time, a feeling of love, etc. It is generally considered the “average” color for a mood ring.
  • Blue is generally regarding as indicating a relaxed mood, someone who is at ease. As blue is also the color associated with the throat chakra, this shade may appear at a time when you are vocally struggling or vocally asserting yourself.
  • White is typically associated with feelings of being frustrated, confused or bored but, in my experience, white is also a color that can indicate very high spiritual energies so if you are not frustrated, confused or bored, don’t let the mood ring tell you that it is a negative expression: it could be crown chakra energies expanding or integrating at a spiritual level.
  • Other colors generally described are pink (fear, or in cases where spiritual acceleration of the heart chakra are evident, pink can indicate the opening of the spiritual heart chakra center), purple (sensuality), orange (a state of wanting something), etc.

In general, each color has both a negative and positive interpretation. Be sure you tune in, internally, before deciding which one is correct for you. Of course, the more you tune in, internally, the less you will need an external read from a mood ring or any other spiritual tool. Then, the ring will have served it’s purpose for you, as a training tool.

Every chart is slightly different in the definitions. Best advice I could give would be to watch your own moods as the ring changes. That way you will know what the colors mean for you.

Jewelry & Mood Rings

Color and Moods: Associating colors with moods is an interesting idea. There have been studies that indicated people are more relaxed around certain colors and more agitated around others. Everyone has favorite colors and colours they just don’t like. My favorites are teal, purple and pastels, in general. There is a pervasive idea that the color red will excite a bull, hence the use of a bright red cape in bullfights, but that hasn’t been proven. Still, red is an invigorating, agitating color while green is considered healing and blue peaceful. What do your favorite colors say about you?