Getting in Shape after Surgery – Physical Rehab by Modifying Your Exercise Program

Beach Body Coach Question: I had bilateral knee replacements in March 2008, and still haven’t been able to get myself back into shape.

I have gained close to 40 pounds of excess weight, mostly in the torso and thighs.

With the residual muscle/knee weakness, will the P90X be out of the question?

I can’t do anything yet that requires me to do deep squats or floor exercises that require me to have direct contact between the floor and my knees.

pic-knee-replacementI am anxious to get started, but can’t seem to find this information anywhere. Can you provide some advice for getting into shape after my surgery?

Carol Bardelli: I’m glad you’re ready to lose your excess weight and get in shape. First, you should consult your physician on whether you are ready to resume exercise after your knee replacements, and what exercises are appropriate for you. Follow his or her advice to avoid injury.

Many people find exercise easier after joint replacement surgery due to a reduction in pain.

pic-debbie-slim-seriesIf you had joint replacement due to arthritis or injury this may be the case for you. If you haven’t exercised for quite a while, start slow and take it easy. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to start you down the track to fitness. He may recommend you start with swimming or non impact pool exercises.

Power 90X is not intended for rehabilitation, though some people with certain conditions find it suitable. I have Cerebral Palsy, as does Tony’s nephew, and we both love doing Power 90X. We modify or skip what we can’t do and are happy with the results we’ve achieved doing what we can do.

The key to exercise, and getting fit, is doing what you CAN do. Just start. Every journey, including the one to getting fit, starts with taking that first step.

Although you can’t do deep squats or floor exercises that requires your knees to have direct contact with the floor, many of the exercises in Power 90X, and Tony’s other Beachbody programs, do not require this. All the exercises are designed for modification. Tony knows not everyone can perform every exercise. He designed all his workout programs to be adaptable to you and your present level of fitness.

If you feel P90X is beyond your present physical abilities, start with a beginner or intermediate exercise system.

Slim in 6Beachbody offers a wide array of fitness programs designed for all fitness levels. Debbie Siebers has a Slim in 6 Series with gentler workouts.


Kathy Smith offers her Project You program. Both come with nutrition programs, as do all Beachbody programs. Remember proper nutrition is key to weight loss. When you’re stronger and fitter you can move on to Power 90 and Power 90X.

Whatever program you choose, remember the value of strength training. Your legs likely lost muscle during your recovery period. It’s vital to rebuild lost muscle for a myriad of health reasons. Muscle is the core of your metabolism and the more you have, the more fat you can burn. On the other hand, losing muscle slows your metabolism and contributes to weight gain.

Kathy Smith Project You Workout SeriesAt the team beach body web site you can learn more about Debbie Siebers, and Kathy Smith workouts along with Tony Horton’s P90.