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The primary benefit of the electric scooters is that they do not appear to be wheelchairs that many people
see as indications of getting old. Practically, rotating the seat of an electric scooter is simpler than
moving the leg supports on typical wheelchairs.

An electric scooter helps to provide mobility like a wheelchair. However, it’s equipped more like a motor
scooter. These mobility aids have a seat that covers two rear wheels, a place to rest your feet, and handlebars
or wheels you can use to steer. Seats usually swivel to let you get in, because the handlebars or steering
wheel blocks entry.

Manufacturers and distributors of these mobility products for the disabled are:

  • Rascal
  • Pride Mobility
  • Merits
  • Invacare
  • Golden Technologies
  • Drive Medical

Small electric sit-down motor scooters are really helping people that have problems getting around.

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