Learn About The Blueberry And Its Anti Aging Benefits

Anti Aging Benefits of Eating Blueberries

If you have been taking drugs in order to restore bodily functioning or stop your body deterioration, then
you are probably wasting your time.

Body deterioration is not due to a deficiency of any drug, and taking drugs only hides symptoms rather than
treating the underlying problem.

Instead, bad nutrition is to blame. If you are not getting the right nutrients, then you body will deteriorate,
resulting in degenerative diseases. Whereas drugs interfere with you metabolic paths, proper nutrition supports

With this fact in mind, it is clear we can prevent many diseases by giving our bodies the raw materials that
it needs to fight them off. With the right nutrients, you body is more capable of functioning as a unit,
and therefore keeping you healthy.

It is also important to stay active to keep your body working, which means exercising both your muscles and
your mind. If you don’t use your muscles regularly, they lose strength and flexibility, and not using your
brain reduces your cognitive abilities. Staying healthy requires maintenance like any other complex system.

Of course, you need the proper diet in order to keep up this maintenance, and there is one food in particular
that can really help you prevent aging and degenerative illness. This magical food with anti-aging benefits
is none other than the humble blueberry. Blueberries can benefit you in so many ways, and studies by the
US Agricultural Research Service can verify this.

Blueberry benefits stem from the chemicals that it contains, which in this study were found to significantly
reduce the growth of cervical and breast cancer cells.

Other blueberry benefits come from the fact that blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants.
Antioxidants are known to play a part in keeping us healthy and young. There have been countless studies
that show their anti-aging benefits and their ability to fight free radicals, which can damage cells and
lead to cancers.

Not only to free radicals damage cells and cause cancer, they also speed up the aging process. Blueberries
can fight these unstable substances, thereby helping to reduce the effects of aging.

Tufts scientists are one of the leaders in blueberry research, and a study of theirs was featured in the August
2005 issue of Neurobiology of Aging. The results of this study suggested that “age-related changes in
the temporal processing speed of the primary auditory cortex” might be reduced or even reversed by eating
the chemicals found in blueberries.

Their investigation also showed that anti-oxidants in blueberries can reverse age-related changes in motor
functions such as memory or learning ability, as well as slowing declines in brain function that are related
to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

This was a massive scientific discovery, as it had previously been thought that such functional declines were
unable to be reversed.

This study’s results are backed up by a number of others, including one published in Nutritional Neuroscience
in the last quarter of 2004. In this study, a diet that was supplemented with blueberries increased the spatial
memory of laboratory animals. When in vitro, it was found that the brains showed structural changes that
are associated with improved learning capacity.

Numerous other studies have also appeared, including ones in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,
and the Journal of Medicinal Food. In all these studies, blueberries had dramatic anti-aging benefits; from
preventing heart disease and stroke, to enhancing memory functions and reducing cancer.

Apart from the amazing results, another common factor from these studies is the amount of blueberries you
should eat on a daily basis. The ideal amount is about half a cup a day. You can eat them on their own, or
with organic fruits and yogurt, or even with your breakfast cereal.

No drug in the world can beat the effects of the natural nutrients in blueberries on maintaining your body
and mind.

Instead of drugs, you should be looking at the remedies that no doctor will offer you. These are the natural
remedies, including eating healthy organic food and supplements, as well as exercising around three times
a week.

Remember, if you want to stay fit and healthy, then blueberries and other organic foods are much more effective
than drugs, and can keep you looking and feeling younger.

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