Calorie Free Foods: Miracle Noodle – Discover the Magic of Shirataki

Miracle Noodles Prepared with Veggies

While spending time in Japan, Jonathan Carp happened upon the traditional Japanese shirataki noodle.

Amazed by their simplicity and positive effects on one’s health when incorporated into daily diet, Carp started Miracle Noodle, a company specializing in noodles made from glucomannan.

Low in carbohydrates and low in calories, the shirataki Miracle Noodle have a water soluble dietary fiber that has numerous benefits to one’s health—even people with high cholesterol or diabetes have seen dramatic health benefits as a result of incorporating Miracle Noodle into their diets.

What is Miracle Noodle?

Miracle Noodle noodles are made from glucomannan, a soluble fiber derived from the root of the Japanese plant, konnyaku imo. The noodles contain no soy, no wheat, and no gluten. And if that is not enticing enough, perhaps this will: Miracle Noodle products have no carbohydrates and no calories.

The noodles are available in many different shapes: angel hair pasta, black angel—shirataki noodles with Japanese sea vegetable hijiki added to it—fettuccine, orzo, mini pearls, and rigatoni. Miracle Noodle even carries a glucomannan version of rice.

Miracle Noodles Prepared with VeggiesUsed as an alternative to pasta and rice—which are laden with calories—Miracle Noodle noodles are easy to prepare. Because they are packed in BPA-free packaging in water to maintain the noodles’ shape, they must be drained and rinsed briefly under water before using. The noodles can be lightly boiled for no more than a minute and added to already prepared sauces in order for the noodles to absorb the flavors. Miracle Noodle is great with prepared veggies, lean meats, and sauces.

Benefits of Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber has numerous benefits for overall health. It slows digestion, leading to slower absorption of glucose. This in turn leads to an extended feeling of being full—great for people who are on weight-loss programs. The slower digestion means the body can absorb more nutrients from the foods eaten in conjunction with the noodles.

People living with high cholesterol or diabetes have benefited from incorporating Miracle Noodle into their diets. Scientific research has documented the effects of the soluble fiber from Miracle Noodle on lowering cholesterol. Because the soluble fiber helps slow digestion and slow the absorption of glucose, there is a slower release of insulin, thus leading to normalized blood glucose levels.

Miracle Noodle is suitable for many different diets, including: low-carb, Atkins, body ecology, anti-candida, gluten-free, autism gluten-free, heart healthy, and body builders.

Substituting one meal per day with a meal of these noodles leads to an increase in daily fiber intake and a decrease in daily calorie intake. A person can increase his or her metabolic rate by participating in daily exercise along with the daily serving of Miracle Noodle.

News-Worthy Noodles

Miracle Noodles ProductMiracle Noodle has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, as well as discussed in leading health magazines, such as: Shape, Men’s Health, and Living Without. This truly buzz-worthy product has made an impact in many people’s daily diets.

The vision behind Miracle Noodle is to share with people across the world the idea that food can be enjoyable without being fatty or full of calories. Furthermore, food is as powerful to the human body as any medicine.

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Review Having Tried the Noodles

Miracle Noodle products are getting a lot of attention from individuals on a low-carb or the HGC diet who are carefully following their eating protocol. Many people are seeking alternatives to grain and gluten rich noodles. We thought we would try the noodles and see how palatable they were since since they could provide many people with a gluten-free and grain-free noodle alternative.

Even though we saw similar shirataki noodles in a local Asian market, we have never tried these Asian style noodles. We really didn’t know how to prepare them, nor what they may taste like. When we visited the the Miracle Noodle website so many of our questions were answered so we decided to give them a try.

We purchased an assortment of Miracle Noodle noodles, which were shipped to us right away. The company’s customer service was excellent.

First we tried the angel hair variety. We learned is important to follow the simple directions provided on the package.

Preparing Miracle Noodles

Once you open a package of Miracle Noodle, first rinse them well under cold water and drain them. Prepare your sauce, cooked veggies, or protein of choice. Then place the noodles in a separate pot of gently boiling water for only one minute. Pour noodles into a strainer, and rinse. The next step is very important: Pat the noodles dry with a paper towel.

Now toss noodles into a pan, and top with your preheated/precooked sauce, protein, and veggie mixture, and then add your garnish. We were pleasantly surprised how the noodles take on the taste of the dish.

Even though the texture of the noodles are not the same as eating the regular high-carb noodles, but they are quite good providing they are not eaten by themselves. We definitely are keeping some Miracle Noodles on hand in the refrigerator  since they store for quite a while. They are a nice alternative to have on hand when managing weight and watching calories, or trying to lose weight. We have been adding them to salads and sauteed vegetable dishes. They are very filing and dieting is painless when eating a reduced calorie diet. By incorporating Miracle Noodles you will keep the scale from registering extra pounds that can easily creep up when eating to much pasta or other empty carbs.

If you are trying to loose weight, do ditch the high-carb noodles and give Miracle Noodles a try. If you are trying to gain weight then stick with higher carb noodles. Our only complaint is that we haven’t tried them before now.

Another feature we really like is how fast they are to prepare and how well they blend with other foods. You could conceivably have some on hand to satisfy everyone’s diet needs at mealtime.

To discover amazing health benefits, please click > Miracle Noodles

To discover amazing health benefits, please click > Miracle Noodles