Physical Body Hypnosis – Hypnosis for Weightloss and to Stop Smoking

Hypnosis for Weightloss and Mind Development: One Stop Shopping

Are you looking for hypnosis for weightloss or mind development and spirit hypnosis products? If so then you will
want to learn about some excellent hypnosis CDs and MP3s created by Dr. Laura De Giorgio. As a licensed professional
in the world of hypnotherapy, Dr. Laura De Giorgio managed to capture our attention.

When visiting her extensive web site you’ll find a volume of hypnosis programs that will remind you the value of
developing your mind and spirit and how mind development hypnosis can enhance the quality of your life.

De Giorgio believes that hypnosis is a unique blend of both art and science that arises from the interconnectedness
of everything and the ways through which we can “play the game of life” and alter our personal experience of reality.
We can choose to keep listening to the forces outside of us that tell us what we should think and feel or we can
take initiative and program the messages in our own mind to make our experience of this life. She speaks from a lot
of experience; De Giorgio is a woman with a wide array of experiences…from being a casino dealer to working in
several foreign embassies.

To help us with our current state of “mind programming,” hypnotherapist, Dr. De Giorgio offers so many valuable
products for mind development hypnosis as well as practical programs
to help with weight loss and smoking cessation There are dozens, if not hundreds, of books discussing hypnosis,
hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, sexuality, healing, shamanism, alchemy, spirituality, and metaphysics.
She provides a description of each book, and makes it easy to locate what you need and make a purchase. You will
find her website very user-friendly. There are also CDs featuring hypnotic trance music if that is something for
which you are looking.

However, the focus of the web site is on the various hypnosis CDs and MP3s that De Giorgio offers. All designed
to help you improve your mind and spirit and better the quality of your life. You can choose a hypnosis CD or MP3
that requires your active participation and concentration. If you lead a busy life you can listen to subliminal,
supraliminal, or supraliminal plus CDs or MP3s that allow you to go about your daily activities. You can enjoy all
the benefits while that your mind is receiving from the messages that are being delivered directly to your subconscious

Unsure what supraliminal, or supraliminal means? Don’t worry. You don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of the
terms, or even neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or Ericksonian hypnosis to gain value. De Giorgio does a great
job of explaining the difference between the various techniques used to aid you in making the best choices.

You can even choose a CD or MP3 for a specific issue that you might be dealing with. For instance, weight loss hypnosis
or hypnosis to stop smoking. Or you can focus on mental and emotional wellbeing, accelerated learning, creative expression,
enhanced personal performance, peak sports performance, physical image enhancement, seduction/sexual attraction/relationships,
sexual health and enhancement for both men and women, financial abundance, becoming lucky while gambling, and last
but not least, spiritual growth and alchemical transformation. She has a complete range of physical body hypnosis
products and hypnotherapy items for body, mind and spirit hypnosis.

All of the CDs and MP3s are enhanced with brainwave synchronization, using an amazing technology that assists you
in gaining the maximum receptivity to the messages that your subconscious mind is receiving. They’re even available
in several different languages including Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

You will really like the fact that De Giorgio not only provides a section on describing the different types of
hypnosis CDs and MP3s, but she also goes into great detail to help you determine which types of hypnosis products
are best for you. No need to be an expert. Just have a desire to be a willing student in the world of self-hypnosis.

As if that isn’t enough, you can even find downloadable hypnosis scripts in the form of ebooks on topics ranging
from relaxation and stress management to increasing your height. A most popular seller is the weight loss hypnosis
scripts found in her popular ebooks! While you’re touring around you might as well read a few of the free articles
about hypnotherapy, spirituality, and alchemy.

Practicing what she refers to as “Spirit and Mind Hypnosis,” Dr. Laura De Giorgio’s products provide
a convenient way to receive the benefits of hypnosis. No appointment necessary and no time limit for your “session.” Better
yet, buy your own CDs or download your own MP3s and you can set up your own practice in your own home. You will definitely
find find the spirit and mind hypnosis products for which you are seeking.

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