The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approves the use of skin patch for migraines

Zecuity’s battery powered skin patch has been approved by the FDA to help adult suffering from migraine to get a relief from their pain. The Zecuity skin patch system, through research, has been proven to offer relief for nausea and headaches caused by migraines.

In the U.S alone, there are about 16 million adults suffering from migraine. Of that number about half have migraine-related nausea but choose not to use oral medication.

The medical doctor Lawrence C. Newman, in a news release, stated that a number of patients suffering from migraine do visit the hospital. Some of them endure severe headache pain and nausea. Lawrence C. Newman, MD, works as the director of Headache Institute at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

The patch works with a battery and can be switched on so it can release the medicine. To make use of it one has to apply it to the upper arm or thigh. The medicine is then released directly through the skin, bypassing the stomach. About 6.5 milligrams is delivered during a period of 4 hours.

Studies have been made on 800 patients who relied on 10 000 Zecuity skin patches to deal with the migraines. The results showed that within 2 hours of treatment the migraine-related nausea and pain are gone. The same happens for patients suffering from sensitivity to light and sound.

In comparison to placebo patches which had 9% success rate, 18% of patients using the real patch had no more headache after 2 hours
Concerning pain relief, the success rate with the patients that were on Zecuity patches was 53% compared to 29% for those that were on placebo.
84% of patients on Zecuity patch had their nausea gone after 2 hours while only 63% of those on placebo reported to feel better.

Stephen D. Silberstein, a professor of neurology stated that migraine-related nausea can be have effects comparable to migraine headache pain itself. He believes that treatment bypassing the gastroinstestinal track is possibly the best way to deal with the condition.

There are common side effects that need to be noted though. More that 5% of those who tried the patch complained about pains at the patch site, some others felt some level of discomfort. Other patients said it was itching and tingling. There were other side effects associated with drugs popularly known as triptans. Side effects were atypical sensation and pain.

For anybody who want to try this newly approved patch, it is necessary to consult a doctor first. There are conditions like heart diseases and blood pressure that may be worsen by taking this drug. It is important that the doctor knows the patient’s exact health status before making any decision in relation to Zecuity patch.

It is known that when Zecuity is used in combination with anti-depressants like SSRI or SNRI the patient is at high risk of developing serotonin syndrome. It is a life threatening condition that affects the heart rate, the mental status and causes neuromuscular problems. Make sure you know your condition before trying this drug.