Michele Blood – Motivation Dynamo combines music and affirmations. Money Magnet Tapes!

Success and Motivation Resources from Michele Blood

When reading about Michele’s combination of music and affirmations while listening to the energetic “Money
Magnet” song you won’t be able to stop singing!

Utilizing music the way Michele does is yet another wonderful avenue of Sacred Sound. Really…anyone who
can create a Laughing Meditation Tape has to have some real gifts and much to offer!

We hope you enjoy Michele’s work as much we have.

The Laughing Meditation Tape – This audio program will lift you up IMMEDIATELY into a world of Fun, Laughter
and Abundance. Laughter helps build up your immune system, creates a higher vibration and literally will
take you from depression and negative thinking into instant positive feelings. After listening to this tape,
you will wonder what you were even worrying about. When you are in a higher vibration, you will attract more
good in your life and everything will look brighter. Michele created this tape filled with wonderful laughter
and affirmations to create instant good feelings and healing.


Michele’s Magnetic Visualization Program – Here Michele uses her MusiVation technique combined with creative
visualization. This is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate the mind to new thoughts of wealth and prosperity.
The subconscious thinks in pictures so utilizing MusiVation’s visualization technique allows your subconscious
to literally see your dreams on the screen of your mind. This is a very powerful technique to assist in accelerating
your power of money magnetism and also helps reduce stress. Begin today right where you are with Michele’s
Magnetic Creative Visualization Program.

Power 6 Audio Program – Learn about the Big Secret, Goal Setting, Singing Affirmations, Spoken Affirmations,
how to Attract Money, Visualizing, Competition and much more. The secret to success is through Affirmations/Auto-Suggestion
and with music you emotionalize these new positive thoughts which cause a whole brain effect, and that
is the secret to making them work. Decide today to have your life work with Michele’s “Affirmation
Power” power pack and Book.

Your Sales; with Michele – This MusiVationTM program by Michele Blood “Empower Your Sales” contains
specific instructions on how you can use you faculties to attract to your self all of the positive business
opportunities and of course Sales not matter what type of business you’re in. When followed, this great
psychological discovery will also help you improve every area of you life because when you are happy
in the other areas all good flows including money through successful sales beyond your wildest dreams!
Turn your dreams into reality today with Empower Your Sales.

on Money, Sex and Spirituality – Conversations on Money, Sex and Spirituality is a must read for
all people deeply desiring to become aware of their true spiritual power. It is a funny, insightful,
and yet deeply profound look inside the lives and minds of two dynamic women. With hot topics covering,
success, money, relationships, health, forgiveness, sex, spirituality and much more. Tune into all of
your Multi-Dimensions and at last learn how to remove old negative conditioning so that you can now enjoy
a life filled to over flowing with Joy, Love and Success. Let Wilma and Michele show you how.

Goal Setting Program – Dare to see yourself being, doing and having the things in life you now think
you could never be, do or have. You are a channel for all the power of good in the Universe. This powerful
cassette will teach you how to open up your mind to receive all of the GOOD things in life that are your
divine heritage! Find out what you want now with Michele’s goal setting and affirmation power cassette.

a Magnet to Money with Bob Proctor – Money is Freedom-Freedom to live out your dreams, freedom to
travel this beautiful world. Be a Magnet to Money is one of the most simple and yet greatest psychological
discoveries of the 21st century. Now through MusiVationT you can shower your mind with the same concepts
that wealthy people have studied and applied for years. These concepts affect both hemispheres of the
brain so that old conditioning and fears of the past are quickly replaced consciously with new positive
thoughts. Before you know it, you will…Be a Magnet to Money. Two cassette audio program, by Bob Proctor
and Michele Blood

Power Book – Michele’s simple yet effective philosophy that has propelled her to success worldwide
is contained in this powerful book, packed with information that can literally change your life plus
a special section for you to fill in your dreams, goals and desires. As Michele says write it down, write
it down, write it down, and watch the universe respond with a BIG YES! This book is for all ages and
walks of life. Simple yet profound. DO IT NOW with “Affirmation Power” the Book.

Your Perfect Weight with Bob Proctor – Congratulations on deciding to begin a new life with the powerful
audio program “Be Your Perfect Weight” by acclaimed authors and motivational trainers Michele
Blood and Bob Proctor. Whether you are overweight or underweight, this powerful audio program will be
the “Genie,” the “Magic Lamp” to assist you in finally becoming your perfect weight.
This is not an exercise program as the cause of a weight challenge begins in your mind and the image
you project into it or have had projected into it over the years. Now with MusiVation’s Be Your Perfect
Weight you can release all of these old patterns and at the same time when following this program Become
Your Perfect Weight.

Miracles and Heal Your Life – This inspiring musical tape on creating miracles, will help you reach
deep down to create the perfect harmony in every area of your life. With powerful affirmation songs like,
I am a Miracle, I am Healed, Divine Love, Perfect Relationships, Never Lonely, and many others. Begin
today right where you are, whether you are in hospital, have an illness, are depressed or simply feel
lost and lonely, use this healing tape as the tool to change your thinking to create the positive results
that you so greatly deserve. Audio cassette program by Michele Blood and Russell Feingold

Paradigms, with Bob Proctor – Utilize this powerful 6 cassette program by Bob Proctor and Michele
Blood. “New Paradigms” This program is filled with powerful information and affirmation songs
on Decisions, Communication, Money, Success, Persistence and more. Do it Now! change your old paradigms
to the new positive, wealthy and healthy person that you deserve to be.

Happy, Stay Happy with Chris Michaels – Herein lies the secret to creating real and lasting joy.
With clear and simple wisdom. Chris Michaels explains what obstacles interfere with our happiness and
how to successfully remove them from our path. From becoming aware that happiness is an individual choice
to experiencing life as a self choosing response-able person, these empowering insights clearly show
how to foster, and keep a consciousness of joy and happiness. Chris Michaels is an inspirational speaker
and writer whose greatest gift is clarity. His philosophy is clear and simple: Every person is on an
individual path moving toward self-actualization. Given the proper tools and encouragement, anyone can
move beyond their present limitations and learn to create a life of joy and happiness.