Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress-Free Living

Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress-Free Living is a book by Patricia Carrington that teaches the reader all about EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or “tapping” as it’s called.

In this 26 chapter and 225 page book Carrington teaches the reader about this effective energy healing modality.

The technique is used to relieve the user from either physical or emotional pain or both using a simple combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychological tools.

EFT or tapping was first created by Gary Craig and its use has spread worldwide.

Discover the Origins of EFT

pic-patricia-carringtonIn the first section of the book Carrington discusses the history, development, and premise of tapping.

Tapping works with the theory that the body is made up of a complex and integrate electrical system or energy. When these energies become blocked by a trauma or emotional event there is often accompanying physical pain that a person cannot rid themselves from that often gets worse with time. Post traumatic stress disorders is an example of difficult to treat events that are most often helped or cleared with this technique.

When these blocked energies are cleared the electrical impulses ever present in the body can then flow freely and harmony and pain free living is restored.

Rather than working slowly for months or years in therapy, EFT, allows the participant to take a quantum leap in the healing process and get back into life quickly.

EFT practitioners believe it shouldn’t take months or even years to recover from even the most painful emotional traumas but with the right frame of mind and knowledge clearing can be accomplished in minutes.

And who wouldn’t want that to happen?

Learn the 9 Primary Tapping Points

pic-tapping-pointsNext, the content of the book teaches the reader about the basic tapping points (karate chop point, top of head, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collar bone, and under arm) to be used in the tapping sessions.

It goes on to tell the reader how to couple the repeated tapping of these specific acupressure points with spoken and repeated phrases to release years of pent up pain, anger, or other negative and ultimately damaging emotions.

In the third section, Carrington teaches the reader how to specifically use tapping for specific situations and results.

Topics like fears and phobias, weight loss, improving performance, physical aches and pains, and many other common life issues are specifically addressed.

Meet Ten Real Life EFT Participants

Finally the book provides real life accounts of ten people who participated in a four day EFT retreat.

The before, during, and after stories of all participants are told. (You can also purchase the DVD Try It On Everything and see this retreat in action and meet the participants and hear their stories firsthand.)

Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping provides powerful, yet amazingly simple techniques and information to transform a person’s life.

pic-meridian-tapping-bookIf you’ve been suffering with physical aches and pains, emotional trauma you can’t seem to let go, self sabotaging actions, addictions, or any other similar problems this book may open a whole new world of possibility.

To be able to live pain free, both physically and emotionally, is truly a gift and joy. Instead of turning to pills, substances, or surgery for solutions (that don’t ever really work) instead utilize the power of your own mind and body by learning EFT or tapping. What is a smart choice to…try it on everything!