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Holistic Health Solutions for Menopause, Perimenopause and
PMS – A Delicate Hormone Balance

The more you know about menopause, the better you can manage menopause-related challenges you may experience.

Learn about natural menopause remedies for addressing night sweats, achy joints, hot flashes and decreased
sexual desire.

There is a system designed to help women during this stage of life. Read about Menopause and the symptoms
associated along with treatment, lifestyle, and diet recommendations.

What is a Hysterectomy?

Women a women has a full hysterectomy she will have her uterus removed, along with the ovaries and fallopian
tubes. The term for ovary removal is called an Oophorectomy.

When a women only has the uterus removed this is called a partial hysterectomy a partial hysterectomy. Both
will have some effect on reproductive health, and also hormonal balance.

What is Menopause?

Every women will experience Menopause in their own way, but officially it begins during “mid-life” at
the time a woman has her last menses. At that time the ovaries stop releasing their eggs. This usually happens
gradually over time, but for some women it can occur quite suddenly.

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Most women experience Perimenopause which is the time when gradual changes occur within the body
eventually leading into menopause. Many different things happen within a women’s body, especially hormonal
fluctuations which can create many different types of symptoms. Some women find their symptoms of menopause
come and go, starting and stopping through several cycles. It can take months, and sometimes years to complete

In puberty, women also deal with hormone fluctuations, but menopause can often feel much more severe, but
it doesn’t have to be. When the ovaries’ production of estrogen begins to slow down many women begin dealing
with their thoughts about aging. This can be difficult for some women, whereas others have a mind set that
welcomew the changes and are excited about aging gracefully.

Menopause can also be induced such as through a hysterectomy. Chemotherapy can also cause menopause to begin
right away which leads quickly into postmenopause, or the years after menopause.

The average age is fifty-one when a women ends her menstrual cycle and has her final period. Some times this
can happen early, at the age of around forty, and for other women they may experience ending their reproductive
cycle quite a bit later–around the age of sixty. Each woman will experience this time of life in her own

Women have many different types of symptoms. Some will have very few physical and emotional symptoms where
others will experience a wide range. It more common for women to experience some noticeable changes. There
is so much to learn on this topic. It is exciting that there are many advances available in natural women’s
healthcare offering powerful approaches for helping women remain balanced during this time of life.

Natural bio-identical hormones are now safe to consider along with natural remedies that are quite helpful.
It is wise to learn as much as you can on this subject. This way when you find yourself approaching this
powerful time in your life you can make educated decisions on how to care for your well being. Don’t leave
it up to outdated health care practices based on old prescribed methods that really do no address the body’s
true needs.

Now we know that at this time nutrition is so vitally important, along with the consideration of natural remedies,
bio-identical hormones, women’s health supplements, all which can be administered safely and naturally.

Indications of Menopause

  • hot flashes and hot flushes
  • stiff or achy joints
  • issues with concentration or memory recall
  • changes in sexual desire
  • extreme perspiration
  • sensitivity leading to headaches
  • need to frequently urinate
  • vaginal tenderness, constriction and/or dryness
  • moodiness and emotional changes
  • early wakening, insomnia which may or may not be accompanied by night sweats
  • symptoms that are associated with PMS

Treatment, Diet and Lifestyle

Caring for menopause symptoms is best accomplished via a combination of healthy
lifestyle and diet
choices. Hormone Replacement Therapy, known as HRT is the usual treatment prescribed
by doctors. But before considering this option it is wise to first try natural alternatives because many
doctors prescribe this radical type of treatment before their patients are fully aware and educated of
the the risks and potential side effects that are most often associated with HRT treatments.

There are other proven and one hundred percent safe options that are not so radical or harmful. One is called
“The Complete Menopause System” which is based on natural remedies that really work. When combined
with the herb Dong
Quai women are receiving excellent results on so many different levels. The system also includes two
complex remedies called Femalite and Mellowpause .

This excellent trio of products has been shown to be highly effective at treating both menopause and PMS.
You can purchase the products separately or as a three month course for a reduced amount which adds up to
a nice savings. Also, the products are guaranteed.

You can read informative testimonials about the products and learn more about how they may address your symptoms.

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Menopause Program

What is Early Menopause?

Premature Menopause, (medical term, Premature Ovarian Failure–POF) happens when the ovarian function in females
under age forty stops. This causes the periods to stop and the FSH level elevates in the body effecting the
production of hormones that the body use to produce. (FSH stands for follicle-stimulating hormone).

This lack of function needs to occur for at least four months before this diagnosis. At that time a doctor
will request a FSH test, and a follow up test a month or more later to determine levels.This can happen in
some cases to women in their twenties, thirties, or early forties.

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Vaginal Dryness:

Vaginal dryness is often a very common complaint when women go through menopause. Some women find Vitamin
E enriched vaginal suppositories help along with other natural lubricants. Another option is to consult your
doctor for bio-identical hormones that can be inserted vaginally.

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