Review of “Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES help!” by Dr. Jacqui Dodds

eBook on Meditation and Cancer

In today’s world almost everyone knows someone who has been given a devastating cancer diagnosis, or you have yourself experienced these life altering words.

In her new eBook, Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES help!, Dr. Jacqui Dodds chronicles six case studies of people diagnosed with cancer and their use of meditation on their life journey thereafter.

For anyone facing a cancer diagnosis, having meditation as a tool can offer comfort and maybe more. Stress and meditation activities can really help.

Six Participants Utilize Meditation in Their Lives

In a pioneering study and eBook, Dodds meets and introduces her readers to six people with varying cancer diagnosis.

Each of their stories are different yet the same. These are everyday, ordinary people just like you and I who have made the choice to face their cancer diagnosis with the assistance of meditation.

Woman MeditatingThe book follows their journey as they delve into meditation and discover whether or not it can help them in any way—physically, emotionally, or mentally—to cope with their unwanted cancer.

And as the title implies, the conclusion is reached that meditation does indeed help with cancer management. This eBook shows you in what ways it helps. You just may be surprised at what you discover.

Dr. Dodds also participates in the study but is the only one of the group not to have been diagnosed with cancer. The other members of the group are Bernadette, Dee, Sylvia, David, Lorna, and Lillian, each with different types of cancer and various treatment methods being followed in order to beat the cancer.

Diverse Treatment Choices and Meditation

Some members of the group use conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation in conjunction with meditation while one member chooses to use strictly holistic approaches accompanied by meditation. As you share their heartfelt journey, you’ll discover how each of them copes individually with their lives with cancer and how meditation impacts their journey for survival.

Although Jacqui does not have a cancer diagnosis she utilizes the meditation and group experience to overcome and heal from trauma in her childhood. She credits meditation with the tool that finally allowed her to open up old wounds, heal, and move on with joy and peace.

Groundbreaking Research into Cancer and Meditation

Upon completion of this groundbreaking research in 1992, Dodds was awarded a first class honors degree and a scholarship for her work on this. (She revised this research in 2009 for this book.)

This eBook is straightforward, easy-to-read and understand, and gives a personal understanding by allowing the reader to “walk a mile” in the shoes of the group participants who so bravely opened their lives to not only Dr. Dodds but the countless others who will read and benefit from their experiences with meditation and cancer.

At the end of each chapter, Dr. Dodds provides guided meditations for the reader to use as well as tips to help change your life for the better and support healing. Not only does the reader have a “fly on the wall” look into this meditation group, the exercises at the end of the chapters allow even the least experienced meditator to begin this wonderful journey into discovering themselves again—or possibly for the first time ever.

eBook on Meditation and CancerAlong with the 84 page eBook purchase for $37, you’ll receive two guided meditation mp3 downloads. The first is a guided purification meditation and the second a guided loving, kindness meditation.

If you already use meditation in your life this book can help you to grasp its deep importance and understand how it can really be utilized in your life during good times and bad. If you don’t use meditation, this is an incredibly strong testament to its remarkable ability to improve your quality of life in immeasurable ways.

Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES help! has a message of support, and it gives the reader a rare inside look into the usefulness of meditation to overcome and cope with not only a cancer or other serious illness diagnosis, but how it can benefit all.