MediSin is a Wake Up Call – Tells What Most Doctors Won’t Tell You

The best selling book “MediSin: The Causes and Solutions to Disease, Malnutrition and the Medical Sins that Are Killing The World,” is very revealing.

Medisin authors, Dr. Scott Whitaker, and Jose Fleming have written an ingenious book.

Page after page the information dares to speak what some are afraid to say and others are afraid to hear.

This is a best selling book that needs to be read by the masses to possibly slow the incredibly high (and growing) rates of cancers and other degenerative diseases in the West, particularly the United States.

Reclaim Your Health and Life

Reading Medisin will help you take effective responsibility for your life.

It has received a lot of attention and recognition:

“Book of the Year” KHA Books and Conquering Books, LLC Charlotte, NC 2005

“Best Non-Fiction Science/Health” Los Angeles Black Book Expo 2005

“USABookNews 2005 “Best Book Award Finalist”

“Top Five Books for 2005”, The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

pic-scott-whitakerDr. Whitaker backs facts in MediSin with clear references so the reader can investigate further should they choose.

It also covers basic working definitions of words like cachexia, enzymes, and glucose so the reader knows exactly what Whitaker and Fleming are talking about each step of the way.

When I first began to look at MediSin I was immediately taken in by the words on the back cover which described the plague of pharmaceuticals. First we take it for one small ailment and next thing you know by age 65 a person who was seemingly healthy is regularly taking close to ten different prescription medications a day. And they’re just getting sicker.

38 Engaging, Information Loaded Chapters

When I flipped to the table of contents I just didn’t know where to begin.

I mean, of course you’re supposed to start on Page 1 but in this case the chapter titles (all 38 of them) were so interesting, so intriguing I wanted to read them all simultaneously.

I was grabbed by Chapter 1, The Medical Sins of the Healthcare Institution, as well as Chapter 9, Soil Toxicity: The Foundation of Malnutrition, Chapter 13, Vaccines: The Lie of the Needle, Chapter 16, Ritalin: the Drug that is Killing Our Children, and so many more.

This important health book is loaded with valuable information about fatal lies we as a society believe (because reliable people have told us it was so) that you may have quietly wondered about for years.

MediSin is where you’ll finally get the facts. In this easy to read, hard to put down book Dr. Whitaker and Jose Fleming take you into the world of medications and the pain, havoc, and ultimately premature death this phenomena is having on the world, especially the Western world.

Journey from the Infancy of Pharmaceuticals to Healthy Living Free of Drugs

pic-medisin-bookcoverMediSin Chronicles the history of the pharmaceutical industry in its days of infancy as it began to weave itself into our daily lives until the present day.

Sadly the present day finds us immersed in drugs for every problem. From a headache to flu’s to a child who finds school a bit boring, we turn to pharmaceuticals. This subject should be of paramount concern to anyone who’s ever gone to the doctor and taken a drug for relief.

Whitaker and Fleming’s book tells you the real story, the whole truth. You’ll learn what no doctor or government will tell you possibly what by this point they don’t even know themselves. The awful truth that’s making some people rich while hundreds of thousands of others suffer, go without treating the cause of their illness, and eventually die.

This book is a must read for everyone. Backed by mounds of evidence presented in an easy to grasp way, Whitaker and Fleming manage to keep the reader engaged, turning the pages eagerly wanting to learn more.

Become Empowered to Live a Vibrant Life

What’s great about this book is that it doesn’t just inform and educate you. It also gives you reliable, tested, and proven ways to combat the deadly cycle of pharmaceuticals and poor eating habits.

After you’ve read this book you know clearly the issues you face and precisely how to change your life to save it. This book is eye opening and provides a clear reason to embrace holistic, alternative health protocols.

I would love to see MediSin come to DVD, public television, and even schools to educate more people and stop the wave of lies and deception.

Hats off to Whitaker and Fleming for providing such vital information to a society needlessly dying too soon.

To learn more visit Amazon > MediSin by Dr. Scott Whitaker, and Jose Fleming

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To learn more visit Amazon > MediSin by Dr. Scott Whitaker, and Jose Fleming