Maximize Your Upper Body Workout with Push Up Grips

Strong Woman

In 2003, Jack Zatorski achieved a world record by completing 133 push ups in one minute.

Understanding that push ups are an efficient exercise using one’s own body weight, Zatorski wanted to develop an exercise implement that gave users the highest quality workout with maximum ease.

As a result, Jack Zatorski’s Push Up Pro is a set of push up grips that effectively help tone and strengthen the upper body.

Upper Body Fitness

Strong WomanApart for vanity reasons, upper body strength and definition has many benefits. The stronger you are, the less energy you will exert in ordinary and in strenuous activities. Increasing your strength also puts less stress on muscles and the cardiovascular system when doing any type of task.

Body strength in general helps maintain your blood pressure, and provides the body with greater resiliency against injury. Not only will you reduce lower back pain, but you will have increased flexibility, endurance, and stamina in a wide range of activities.

Benefits of Push Up Pro

Jack Zatorski’s Push Up Pro is a set of hand grips designed to be used on the floor or the wall, depending on skill level. With a non-slip, non-marking base, the grips are to be rotated as users engage in a push up, reducing muscle and joint strain. Regular push ups can stress the muscles and joints, but these grips provide for a more natural range of movement in the arms and shoulders.

Push Up Grips by Jack ZatorskiUsers will notice increased strength in the chest, arms, back, shoulders, and abs. Because of the greater range of muscle movement, this exercise implement can deliver results in as little as 10 days. To assist with this body transformation, the set of push up grips also comes with The Ultimate Upper Body Workout and Nutrition Guide, a manual to assist users in their fitness routine and meal planning.

Jack Zatorski’s Push Up Pro is an effective exercise implement that helps you increase your upper body strength and leads to greater overall fitness. The grips can be used easily by people of all ages and of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

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