Find Memory Foam Mattress Comparisons to Beat Tempur Pedic Price

Memory Foam Mattress Comparisons – For the Best Sleep of Your

Learn About the Amazing NASA Technology to Help You Sleep Better

Our goal is to provide the widest range of health, wellness, and transformational products, services, supplements
and information that we can possibly find. You will appreciate finding the best price on memory foam mattress
pads and Angel Beds beat the Tempur Pedic price.

Since the Nasa invention of memory foam used in mattress technology it is now possible to get an exceptionally
restful sleep due to the benefits of viscoelastic temperature sensitive memory cell technology. Tempur Pedic
beds are probably the best known due to their extensive advertising to feature this great technology. But
there are other memory foam manufacturers that offer comparable and often superior quality bedding based
on the same technology that beat the Tempur Pedic price points.

How Memory Foam Works

This superior sleep surface actually has the ability to conform to your body shape and position. The material
actually responds to your body’s temperature, and it responds by softening where it denotes warmer areas
where you body is making contact with the mattress surface. The memory form also responds to your weight
of your body. So where your head, shoulders, and hips come in contact, the foam conforms while supporting
your limbs. This give your body all the necessary comfort and support it needs while also providing incredible

Another wonderful benefit of the memory foam matress is upon waking, your body feels much better than when
sleeping on a conventional bed. Traditional mattresses are flat and do not give way to you body’s needs upon
resting. They actually restrict the blood flow while creating pressure points. Whereas, memory foam mattress
pads and beds yield to your body weight, and rise where you need support giving your entire body frame what
it needs while resting.

If you sleep in a water bed, the displacement of the water will actually make your spine curve due to its
hammock effect. So one of the best choices is to invest in the same technology as Nasa did for the sleep
comfort of their astronauts.

You can receive the very best price on memory foam mattress pads and mattresses to beat the Tempur Pedic price
without compromising quality.

Check your local Costco store, or even Kmart now carries memory foam mattresses.